These are the best games and apps of 2022, according to Google

Fortunately, once again there was the disclosure of the Googlelast Thursday (1), of a ranking showing the best apps and games for Android this year.

As in the previous edition, the company was divided between those chosen through it and the public’s favorites.

In the list, “subcategories” were created, such as the “best hidden treasure app”, “best good apps” and “best multiplayer game”.

It was found by the company that the best game in the country for Android was “Apex Legends Mobile“, which is a project focused on adapting mobile of the game developed by Electronic Arts.

There is no denying its great success; however, he ended up falling behind in the popular vote in Brazil for “Kingdom Maker” — a game focused on strategy and creation of kingdoms.

There was also a vote for the best app of the year 2022, and the public chose, once again, a streaming app, but now it was Discovery+ (in the previous edition, the Disney+ app had been chosen by the public).

But the Google team did not have the same understanding and, for them, the best app of the year was “Giga Gloob”, aimed entirely at children. It features games, activities and videos.

Next, check out the complete list of the best apps of the year 2022 available on the Play Store.

Best games on the Brazilian Play Store

  • Best game: “Apex Legends Mobile”
  • Popular vote: “Kingdom Maker”
  • Best multiplayer: “Dislyte”
  • Best casual game: “Angry Birds Journey”
  • Best Indie Game: “Dicey Dungeons”
  • Best Story: “Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds”
  • Best Game Continuity: “Roblox”

Best apps on the Brazilian Play Store

  • Best app: Giga Gloob
  • Popular vote: Discovery+
  • More fun: Dream by WOMBO
  • Best app for personal growth: Spoke: Learn English Fast
  • Best everyday app: Plant Parente – Care Guide
  • Best Hidden Treasure: PetStar: My Dog & Cat Sings
  • Best good app: Projeto Comprova

Global results and ranking changes

In this edition, things were a little more different than in the previous year, as Google had put together a list of forty applications.

This time, it chose to only focus on the winning titles and, instead of making a huge list, the Google website awarded some “honorable mentions” to the applications that the company enjoyed throughout 2022 in the country.

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