Top 10 Surgical Intern Groups, Ranked from Least to Most Competent

Ellen Pompeo’s decision to focus on her new Hulu show may have left some fans disappointed, but it resulted in a pretty positive development in Grey’s Anatomy🇧🇷 In Season 19, the show shifted its focus from Meredith to a new class of trainees, whose members are becoming intriguing characters. And with Derek’s nephew also being part of the group, things are sure to get more interesting.

If the writing stays consistently good, there’s no doubt this class will rival Season 1’s MAGIC. Over the course of the show, there have been some other great trainee classes, and while they all have amazing characters, some groups were better at their jobs than others.

10/10 Jo’s Interns (Season 14)

Tad with a nosebleed being asked to wait for Vik on Grey's Anatomy Cropped

At the start of the season, several interns are placed under Jo’s care. These include Sam, Levi, Casey, Dahlia, Vikram and Parker.

Jo’s team is in last place because, among all the groups of interns, it is the only one with two cases of dismissals. In a perfect example of incompetence, not only does Vik get fired twice, he also causes the death of a patient. Dahlia is also fired, and before that, she is shown to be undisciplined by making it clear that she only values ​​Meredith, but good students must always be willing to acquire knowledge from anyone. Elsewhere, Taryn also shows a lack of passion for medicine as she settles for life as a bartender at the Emerald City Bar rather than returning to the hospital when the surgical residency program resumes. However, the team still counts as one of the best because Levi and Casey are absolute professionals, while the show brilliantly uses Sam to highlight the plight of immigrants.

9/10 Karev’s Trainees (Season 4)

Sadie Harris, shirtless, cutting her back with a scalpel as interns watch in shock

Karev is among several doctors who take on interns for Season 4-5. His team includes Sadie, Norma, Laura, James and Pierce, who is later transferred to George.

From Laura laughing at a patient to James doing very little, there are many reasons why most patients would not want these students to be around them. Among the group, Sadie is the epitome of ineptitude, as not only does she fake her way through medical school, but she is also at the center of several instances of shenanigans at the hospital (mainly interns performing surgeries on themselves). To make matters worse, she even tries to get Meredith to date her. The only redeeming intern is Norman, who is the light of the bunch as he’s not just one of the funny ones. Grey’s Anatomy characters, but it’s also an inspiration, proving that anyone can make their dreams come true, no matter what age.

8/10 Cristina’s Interns (Season 4)

Chyler Leigh as Dr.  Lexie Gray on Grey's Anatomy

Cristina’s class has Lexie, Steve, Ryan and Dani. After a while, Dani is transferred to the newly promoted George O’Malley.

The class members’ involvement in the Intern Cabal and their subsequent suspension put a heavy stain on them. But on a positive note, it shows that they were eager to learn. Other than that, there are no other serious flaws. Generally, most of the interns in the class do well and end up becoming permanent doctors.

7/10 Last Class (Season 19)

Lucas Adams during a lunch break on Grey's Anatomy

The last batch of interns is already becoming popular. It consists of Lucas, Simone, Benson, Jules and Mika.

As the interns have just been introduced and have not yet adequately proven themselves in medical assignments, they still have a lot to prove. However, they are still one of the best in-house teams because they are solid, well-crafted characters. Mika, Jules, Simone and Benson come from difficult backgrounds and are eager to show what they’re made of. As for Lucas, not only is he Derek’s nephew, but he appears to be a 2.0 version of him. Furthermore, fans also got to enjoy Simone and Jules’ intriguing relationship stories.

6/10 Meredith’s Interns (Season 4)

George O'Malley looks serious on Grey's Anatomy

Meredith gets Lucy, Megan, and another unnamed intern. George is also placed under her command in his second attempt at passing the internship.

The class could be considered one of the best as it has a pretty clean track record. However, Lucy and Megan remain underdeveloped characters for most of their run on the show, ruining their chances of raising their class rankings. As for George, he really shines because he’s eager not to fail again. He becomes the “Chief’s Intern” and regularly performs incredible medical feats,

5/10 Izzie’s Interns (Seasons 4 & 5)


Izzie also takes in several interns between season 4 and 5. They are Clair, Mitch, Leo and Graciella.

As for Claire, Mitch and Leo, they don’t get very far because of hospital layoffs. This cannot be attributed to incompetence as they are rarely seen doing anything wrong. For them, it’s simply a case of bad luck. Graciela, on the other hand, is stunning. She was shown to have a strong moral compass during the Intern Cabal incident and also survived the firings. Sadly, she has not been seen since one of the most tragic Grey’s Anatomy events: the hospital shooting.

4/10 Interns of Unknown Residents (Season 12)

Hannah takes a break from Grey's Anatomy

In Season 12, new interns make their debut, although the resident responsible for them is never revealed. These are Hannah, Jason, Jessica and James.

Most of these interns don’t manage to have jobless stories, but they turn out to be quite skilled. Owen teaches them the four Ls (Language, Location, Body Language and Leave), making it a great way to sleep. Among them, Hannah becomes the most talented, starting to work closely with Meredith. She is the only member of this class who is still a regular on the show, having appeared in season 19.

3/10 Stephanie’s Interns (Season 11)

An image of Andrew DeLuca from Grey's Anatomy

Stephanie Edwards gets four interns for the season. These are Isaac, Audrey, Mitchell and the most popular Andrew DeLuca.

It is mainly because of DeLuca that this team of interns is adored. He jumps into action on day one, helping to save Joan Paulson’s life, and has remained consistent ever since. The rest is also not monotonous. Isaac establishes himself as the emergency evacuation expert by carrying patients up four flights of stairs during the hospital fire, while Audrey demonstrates her willingness to learn by interrupting the intimidating Richard Webber during a speech.

2/10 Bailey/MAGIC Interns (Season 1)

Bailey addresses the new interns in season 1

At the beginning of the series, Meredith, Cristina, George and Izzie are placed under Bailey’s guardianship. Alex also joins the team after transferring from Jeremy’s class.

A good number of fan favorites are from this group – and that’s in part because they show so much promise early on. Meredith makes a difficult diagnosis on her first day, George and Alex manage to save a dying patient in an elevator, while Izzie saves a ferry accident victim by drilling holes in her skull. The only flaw in this group is George, who not only failed the internal exam, but also caused the death of a patient, resulting in one of the most interesting Grey’s Anatomy nicknames, 007.

1/10 Interns of Unknown Residents (Season 9)

Season 9 interns looking at a patient on Grey's Anatomy

Interestingly, for a group that has some of the best interns of all time, the resident responsible for mentoring them is never revealed. The interns are Jo, Shane, Leah, Stephanie, Mousy, Susan, Tina, Stacey and Irene.

While the personalities of characters like Shane and Stephanie make them unlikable, there is no season 9 intern who is bad at his job. Stephanie shines at all times, becoming one of the most talented on the show, Mousey has one of the best student-mentor relationships in Grey’s Anatomy with Derek, and Shane demonstrates extreme competitiveness. As for Jo, she starts off slow but catches up, becoming a favorite with patients and fans alike.

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