Ukraine attacks Russian military base for 2nd day in a row as Putin meets Security Council

the president of Russia🇧🇷 Vladimir Putinmet with military advisors to discuss the country’s internal security this Tuesday, 6th, after the Ukraine attack for the second day in a row military targets on Russian territory. According to authorities linked to the Kremlin🇧🇷 Kiev carried out a drone strike near an airport that operates military and civilian flights on Tuesday.

Roman Starovoit, governor of the Russian region of Kursk, confirmed that at least one drone hit an oil facility near an airport in the border region with Ukraine. According to Starovoit, emergency services were called to put out the fire and no one was injured.

Videos and images shared by social media show a huge fire with clouds of smoke visible from across the city in Kursk. Some recordings were shared on social media by the adviser to the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Anton Gerashchenko🇧🇷 He did not claim responsibility for the attack.

A day earlier, Ukraine had already used drones to attack two Russian military bases hundreds of kilometers inside Russia – Engels airport in the Saratov region and the Diagilevo military base in central Ryazan – according to the Russian Ministry of Defense and a senior Ukrainian official who spoke on condition of anonymity with the The New York Times🇧🇷

The Russian Ministry of Defense report on the attacks on Monday, 5, points out that three soldiers died and four others were injured during the bombings. Two aircraft were also reportedly damaged.

In an update on the progress of the war on Tuesday, Ukraine confirmed that 15 strikes against Russian military personnel, weapons and equipment had been carried out on Monday, with another five strikes targeting enemy positions with anti-aircraft missile systems, it said. The announcement did not specifically mention attacks inside Russian territory.

In Moscow, Putin has scheduled a Security Council meeting to discuss how to ensure “internal security”, but the Kremlin has not given details on what specific points would be discussed and what kind of announcement or approach could come out of this summit defense meeting.

Speaking to the press separately, Russian presidency spokesman Dmitry Peskov said authorities were taking “necessary” measures to protect the country from Ukrainian attacks. “Of course, the openly declared intention of the Ukrainian regime to continue with this type of terrorist act is a dangerous factor,” he said./ NYT and AFP

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