what is at stake in the final stretch of the Cup besides the title?

Competition takes a two-day ‘break’ after 17 consecutive days of games, but returns on Friday with a decisive phase

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The quarterfinals of world Cup are defined and the confrontations begin next Friday, 9th, the day that Brazil faces Croatia. But, in addition to the title, the final stretch also includes the award for best player, best goalkeeper, artillery, among others. See below.

Awards for selections

In the Qatar edition, the FIFA will distribute a total of US$ 440 million, divided according to performance in the competition. The winning selection will receive US$ 42 million. The runner-up will get US$ 30 million, while the third will pocket US$ 27 million.

  • Champion: US$ 42 million (R$ 225 million)
  • Vice: US$ 30 million (R$ 160 million)
  • 3rd: US$ 27 million (R$ 144 million)
  • 4th: US$ 25 million (R$ 133 million)
  • Wednesdays: US$ 17 million (R$ 90 million)
  • Round of 16: US$ 13 million (R$ 70 million)
  • Group stage: US$ 9 million (R$ 48 million)

Golden Boot Award (top scorer)

This award is given to the player who scores the most goals in the edition. In 2018, who won the title was the Englishman Harry Kane🇧🇷 who found the net six times in six matches. This season, the French Kylian Mbappé is in the lead, with five goals. Richarlison, with three, is the closest Brazilian in the fray.

Carter shows the World Cup curiosities on and off the field:

Golden Ball (Best player)

FIFA announces the best player in the competition right after the grand final. Croatian Luka Modric, who faces Brazil in the quarterfinals in Qatar, won the award for taking his selection the grand final against France.

In the quarterfinals, some players are already starting to fight for this award, such as Lionel Mesis (Argentina), Kylian Mbappé (France), Vini Jr (Brazil), Jude Bellingham (England) and Gakpo (Holland).

Golden Boy (Best Young Player)

FIFA still awards the best young player in the competition, a category dedicated only to players up to 21 years old. Mbappé was the big winner award at the Russian Cup in 2018.

Fair Play Trophy

The award is given by FIFA’s Technical Study Group (TSG) to the most ”loyal” team in the tournament, which takes into account the average number of fouls and bookings received.

In Qatar, Fábio Porchat makes fun of Eduardo Bolsonaro: “I came with 50 pen drives to distribute”:

Golden Glove

The best goalkeeper of the competition also has its prize. Last edition, who got the better of it was the tormentor of Brazil, Thibart Courtois, who helped Belgium to eliminate the Brazilian National Team in the quarterfinals.

Records broken in Qatar Cup

Worst campaign by a host country

Qatar had a performance well below in the World Cup, and was defeated in three opportunities. It lost to Ecuador 2-0, Senegal 3-1 and the Netherlands 2-0.

Players with the most Cups played

Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ochoa and Guardado entered the field in the World Cup and have five World Cups under their belts. The stars equaled the marks of Antonio Carbajal, from Mexico (1950 to 1966); Lotthar Matthaus, from Germany (1982 to 1998); Gianluigi Buffon, from Italy (1998 to 2014), and Rafa Márquez, from Mexico (2002 to 2018).

What in life deserves a VAR review?:

Oldest to score in knockout matches

Brazilian naturalized Portuguese Pepe, 39, scored Portugal’s second goal in the rout over Switzerland, becoming the oldest player to score in a World Cup knockout game.


Neymar joined a select group of players who managed to score goals in three editions of the World Cup. By scoring a penalty goal in the game against South Korea, the PSG striker equaled the mark of Pelé and Ronaldo Fenômeno.

Brazilian captaincy

Thiago Silva equaled Cafu and Dunga as the players who captained the most World Cups in the Round of 16 against South Korea. There are 11 games as the leader on the field. He has already broken the record of being the only captain athlete in three different World Championships.

Goals up to 24 years old

Kylian Mbappé became the first player to score 9 World Cup goals under the age of 24. At the same age, King Pelé had already scored seven in the tournament.

A national passion, falcons have an exclusive ‘SUS’ and can cost up to R$ 1.5 million in Qatar:

Missed goals…

The World Cup in Qatar reached a negative record: it was the World Cup with the most games without a goal in the first round in history: four.

Or not so much!

There were three defeats in the debut, which had never happened in a World Cup edition since 1930.

In all, there were 41 goals scored in the 1st round of the 2022 Cup. Almost half came from the three goals scored so far: England 6 x 2 Iran, France 4 x 1 Australia and Spain 7 x 0 Costa Rica. Considering all the opening days of the World Cup, only the 1954 edition recorded the same number of matches with so many elastic scores: Brazil 5 x 0 Mexico, Hungary 9 x 0 South Korea and Germany 4 x 1 Turkey.

Audience present!

The match between Argentina and Mexico broke attendance records at the Qatar World Cup. With 88,966 fans, it received the biggest attendance of Cups in 28 years.

Fans reveal superstitions to help the team in the Cup:

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