White House urges Republicans to condemn Trump speech

Former US president spoke of voiding 2020 election and “repealing all rules and regulations”, even those in the Constitution

On Monday (Dec. 5, 2022), the White House undersecretary of press, Andrew Bates, called on Republican congressmen to condemn former US President Donald Trump’s statement on “repeal all rules and regulations”, even those that are in the Constitution of the country.

🇧🇷Every president and every member of Congress is sworn to ‘uphold’ the US Constitution. Asking members of Congress to reaffirm their oath of office and defend the Constitution should not be a heavy task,” declared Bates in a statement. “Congressional Republicans need to do this immediately.🇧🇷

On Saturday (3.10), Trump returned to talk about an alleged “massive fraud” in the 2020 US elections.

The republican wrote in his Truth Social network accountin a way rhetoric🇧🇷A massive fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the repeal of all rules, regulations and articles, even those found in the Constitution. Our great ‘Founders’ did not want, and would not tolerate, false and fraudulent elections!🇧🇷

The republican uses as justification the Twitter files revealed by Elon Musk on Friday (Dec 2), showing that the microblog accepted several requests from the democrat’s team Joe Biden during the electoral process🇧🇷

During the 2020 campaign, the newspaper new york post published a report saying that Hunter Biden, one of the sons of the then Democratic candidate, had practiced corruption in business abroad.

The text was allegedly censored by Twitter for, among other issues, “spread of fake news” and violation of policy regarding content of hackers🇧🇷 The network excluded posts who spoke on the subject.

At the time, after the US newspaper was questioned, Facebook also decided to reduce the visibility of the news on its platform until the information was checked by the company’s partner agencies.

On Monday (Dec 5), Trump declared, via Truth Socialthat the news that he wanted “revoke” the Constitution. 🇧🇷What I said was that when there is ‘mass and widespread fraud and deception’, as was irrefutably proven in the 2020 presidential election, measures must be taken immediately to correct the error.“, he wrote.

Some Republicans condemned Trump’s remarks, but many remained silent or did not condemn him by name. Among those who have spoken out on the matter is Rep. Mike Turner, who said in interview The CBS disagree “strongly” of the statements.

In addition to him, former Vice President Mike Pence also condemned the speech. On a South Carolina radio show, the Republican declared that “All who hold public office, all who wish to serve or serve again, must make it clear that they support and uphold the Constitution of the United States.🇧🇷

On November 15, Trump announced that it will contest the primaries of the Republican Party for a vacancy in the Presidency of the country in 2024. According to him, his candidacy is to make the country again “great and glorious🇧🇷

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