why is the lawn always wet?

Irrigation can help players perform, reduce heat and prevent injuries; technology already allows to automate process

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Mineirão Stadium in Belo Horizonte/MG with automatic irrigation in operation.

Mineirão Stadium in Belo Horizonte/MG with automatic irrigation in operation.

Photo: Reproduction / Agroclique

THE Qatar World Cup is being marked by technological innovations, and the beautiful collapsible stadiums. But an old tool still plays a leading role in the midst of so much newness: the lawn irrigation🇧🇷 In addition to aesthetics, a well-kept grass makes a difference in the performance of athletes.

The field affects the sport, and what keeps the turf efficient is irrigation. For example, in a gram drier (harder) ball doesn’t run so easily, the players’ race gets heavier and the risk of lesion it’s imminent.

Another point is that grass retains a lot of heat and irrigation serves to help cool it down faster. It is important to note that it is not possible to irrigate while a match is taking place. This process takes place before the match, during half-time (in most cases) and post-match.

irrigation process

Until the 90s, clubs still used manual irrigation with hoses. With the evolution of technology, systemic and automated irrigation arrived on lawns — something that has become a prerequisite for grass quality.

On sports fields such as the World Cup Qatar, depending on the type of soil they are irrigated from one to four times a day. That’s why a smart and sustainable system is so important to apply the necessary amount of water that the lawn needs to thrive.

Synthetic grass can reduce irrigation costs

Synthetic grass can reduce irrigation costs

Photo: Total grass / reproduction

Others fieldssuch as areas of golfin addition to water controllers, you can install software that manage the system with more efficiency and practicality. The system has the option of being activated remotely.

The technology applied in football promises even more self-sufficient lawns. THE Synthetic grass (which works like a carpet) has been widely used and promises to reduce expenses with irrigation, pruning and disposal of pests🇧🇷

It is an artificial surface produced from polyethylene, virgin or polypropylene — synthetic materials and very similar to natural grass. As it is composed of cost-effective and highly durable materials, it allows for a “green” lawn appearance for much longer.

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