X-Men cosplay proves their biggest traitor needs MCU debut in full costume

An amazing cosplay by Abigail Brand, a near-perfect recreation of Valerio Schiti’s costume, highlights how fashionable the X-Men villain is.

an incredible cosplay by the Sugar suit creator is highlighting the badass suit of X-Men traitor Abigail Brand, proving that when the mutant traitor finally makes her debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, she should be 100% wearing her iconic costume from the Krakoan Era.

Abigail Brand’s first full appearance was in 2004 Amazing X-Men #6 as the commander of SWORD, an offshoot of SHIELD that focuses on defending Earth from extraterrestrial threats, and Brand is eventually revealed to be half-mutant-human and half-alien. Although Abigail has shown to be a militaristic anti-hero in many of her appearances, supporting the X-Men during the Breakworld event and helping Earth during secret invasionshe is eventually revealed to be a secret traitor to the Krakoan nation in Al Ewing’s book. SWORD Series.

Abigail Brand is an incredibly protective and loyal woman… but specifically only loyal to planet Earth, revealing that she feels no real connection to the mutant community and that all of her machinations within the nation of Krakoa and the SWORD agency were to establish Earth. as a central seat of power within the entire Marvel Universe. While Brand is a truly despicable woman – a fascist manipulator willing to slaughter anyone she sees fit to “help” Earth become a stronger world – she is also, unfortunately, very classy and always looks impressively intimidating. Brand is known for her neon green hair, revealed to be a genetic trait passed to her by her alien father, and complements it with her fashion choices. the talented cosplayer Sugar recently revealed an Abigail Brand cosplay that is a stunning and perfect recreation of Valerio Schiti’s costume for Brand, developed for her appearances in SWORD, a cosplay that Valerio noticed on Twitter and called “impressive.🇧🇷

The brand is a traitor… but elegant

Sugar Is An Amazing Cosplay Artist – Recently Revealed Movie Accurate Clea Cosplay Costumes Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Doctor Doom’s black adam — but Abigail Brand’s costume is truly next-level, with Sugar recreating Schiti’s costume almost exactly, including Brand’s jacket, holster belts, and iconic sunglasses. in the next secret invasion Disney+ show, Emilia Clarke is playing an unannounced spy character, and while it appears Marvel may have accidentally revealed Clarke is playing Abigail Brand, that has not been confirmed. Sugar’s badass cosplay of the mutant traitor proves that a live-action adaptation of Brand’s iconic Krakoan Era look is entirely possible and wouldn’t do it near for the weirdest costumed character in the MCU.

With Brand’s villainous machinations finally being explored in the pages of X-Men Redand Cable and his team working to bring their secret reign of terror against the X-Men In the end, Brand’s future at Marvel Comics is unknown, but Sugar’s history cosplay makes one thing clear: no matter what happens to Abigail Brand, her MCU debut needs to harness that same iconic energy.

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