11-year-old boy dies after falling from 5th floor performing parkour tricks

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An 11-year-old Norwegian boy died on Sunday afternoon (4) after falling from the fifth floor of a hotel in the city of Alfàs del Pi, in the Alicante region, Spain, while performing parkour maneuvers with a friend. Parkour, referred to by many as a “sports practice”, consists of performing audacious (and very dangerous) acrobatic movements using urban structures, such as jumping from roofs, climbing walls of buildings and performing other maneuvers with the body, giving impulse to all types of structures. , metallic or concrete, of buildings and public areas, such as squares.

The Spanish Civil Guard, who acted in the event, reported that the child was not staying at the hotel and that he entered the establishment, accompanied by another boy, going up to the terrace, which is at a height of 16 meters. There, after breaking a padlock that kept the area locked, the victim tried to perform a maneuver in which he stepped on a polycarbonate skylight that covered the central atrium of the building (a kind of open space that goes from the roof to the reception, on the ground floor). The structure broke with the foot and the boy then fell right in front of the hotel entrance hall, on the floor at street level.

Seriously injured, the Norwegian boy was taken to a local hospital and then transferred in a mobile ICU to a more structured unit in Alicante, where he died minutes later. The victim’s mother, also of Norwegian nationality, was shocked by the news of the boy’s death and had to be sedated and taken to a health center.

The practice of parkour has already resulted in countless very serious accidents and deaths in several countries, many of them filmed, since its followers usually register the dangerous maneuvers. The authorities always remember the risks that the practice offers and always remember that invading buildings and other buildings is a crime.

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