After political approval, Bellintani describes next steps and evaluates the sale of SAF from Bahia to City: “It’s a change of culture” | sports business

– Neither one thing nor the other, but a little bit of both. Why neither one nor the other? Not even City associated with Bahia to exclusively train players and make Bahia an international transfer bridge, that’s not it. If that were to be the case, it would be cheaper and more effective to buy a smaller club, wouldn’t it? I could make the same investments. What they are interested in here at Bahia is the size of the crowd, the impact that the club has regionally and may have again nationally. If I were to do that, I would have bought a Serie B, Serie C, or even Serie A club, but with a much smaller crowd. And the second thing is that we are not rich and our problems are over. First, the investment is not capable of placing Bahia to compete at the top of the Brazilian Championship, every year, starting in 2023. It is not, we made that clear throughout the process. So our problems are not over yet. It is not a financial magnitude to the point of placing Bahia as the winner of Brazilian football on a recurring basis every year. It’s neither one thing nor the other, but it’s a little bit of both, because it’s logical that City will also want Bahia to serve as a trainer of athletes and a bridge in some specific cases, of athletes who pass through Bahia, stay a year, to gain minutes in a high-level championship, and be able to leave for a European club, whether in the group or outside it. And on the other hand, it is also true that we will become a club economically with much more power than we were before, with more potential, with debt payment and annual investment in hiring an athlete, building infrastructure, consolidating the base project.

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