After tattooing her eyes, woman is at risk of going blind with inflammation

A Jamaican resident of the United Kingdom faces the possibility of losing her sight due to tattoos on her body and eyes. Anaya Peterson, 32, lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland and has been sharing her case on social media.

In a post on her Instagram profile, Anaya showed a medical report on the current condition of her eyes. “You have developed a vision-threatening eye disease associated with fluid affecting the central part of your eye,” the document describes.

About the possible consequences, doctors describe that “untreated ocular inflammation can lead to blindness due to high pressure in the eyes”, setting up a disease called glaucoma. On the other hand, the fluids located at the back of a woman’s eyes already make it difficult for her to accurately read or recognize faces.

On TikTok, Anaya said she tattooed her eyeballs in blue and purple. She has been accompanied by a team of professionals. According to her, an ophthalmologist suspected that the inflammations on her skin were caused due to the extensive tattoos – triggering a generalized reaction, also affecting the eyes.

After the repercussions of the case, she has received critical and offensive comments, but the Jamaican responds with humor and provocation. In one video, Anaya is seen dancing with her daughter and writes: “At least we live on taxpayers’ money now.”

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