Bahia or Grupo City? Understand how the new coach was chosen

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Renato Paiva was made official as coach of Bahia for 2023 and 2024. The arrival of the coach comes just days after the approval of City Football Group’s proposal for the acquisition of 90% of SAF tricolor.

In a note published to the public, the Board of Bahia states that it continues to be responsible for decisions, emphasizing that there are still several steps to be completed before the process is concluded.

“Despite the expressive vote of the tricolor members last Saturday (3) on the club’s SAF, with more than 98% approval, there are still important legal, regulatory and financial steps that need to occur until the complete closing of the transaction”.

The club’s position is just part of the formalities of the transition process to the SAF, as the Board is counting on the full support of the City Group to reach decisions on football-related issues, given that no negotiations were carried out before approval of the proposal.

🇧🇷The CFG has made itself available to Bahia to give an opinion on the team’s assemblyincluding players and staff, advising the Squadron based on the experience and expertise it has in technical and strategic aspects of football”.

🇧🇷The decisions, however, continue to be taken by Bahia”, emphasizes the club, in its note.

President Guilherme Bellintani, in an interview with, was more incisive in assuring that he does not participate in decision-making processes in football, but that he follows up because he is the person responsible for the final signature.

“I wanted to say that I have purposely, and in a way it is my objective, participated little or almost nothing in decision-making processes of this aspect. I’m following along merely because, as I’m going to be the one to sign off on all of thisI need to participate to understand how it works”, said Bellintani, to journalist Rodrigo Capelo.

The new technician hired by Bahia, in his first published quotations, also made a point of emphasizing that he is waiting to find out how the partnership will work in 2023, when the deal is concluded. He pointed out, however, that he signed an agreement with Bahia🇧🇷 And not with CFG.

🇧🇷I signed a deal with Bahia and I am also looking forward to seeing how this great partnership with City Footbal Group plays out when the deal closes in early 2023.”

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