Before Friends, Jennifer Aniston was the protagonist of the trash horror of the 1990s

A horror film that falls into the category of trash produced in the 1980s and 1990s, the leprechaun deserves to be remembered for a reason: Jennifer Aniston🇧🇷

The 1993 production starred Warwick Davis (Professor Flitwick from the Harry Potter) as the title character, an attempt to create yet another horror icon like Pinhead and Freddy Krueger in hellraiser and The nightmare time🇧🇷

As was the custom at the time, a pretty face unknown in Hollywood was chosen to be the film’s protagonist and final survivor; the chosen one this time was Jennifer, who until then had only made programs and films for TV.

Jennifer Aniston as Tory and Ken Olandt as Nathan in The Elf (Reproduction)
Jennifer Aniston as Tory and Ken Olandt as Nathan in The Elf (Reproduction)

How was the reception of Jennifer Aniston’s film debut?

A very strange premise and that could even be considered ridiculous and not at all scary by some, the film was responsible for the creation of a new franchise, which had five other films, which took the leprechaun up to space🇧🇷

Even so, the film is considered a failure, even though it was not at a loss like so many others of the genre. With a budget of one million dollars, the film sold just over eight and a half million tickets.

Warwick Davis as the title character in The Leprechaun (Playback)

The mediocre results at the box office weren’t even the worst part, but the way the critics massacred the production. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film averages a 27% in official reviews and 32 in audience ratings.

Among the criticisms, the common points were that the film is not scary at all, the premise was poorly thought out and for many, unwatchable. “A piece of garbage that should have been released straight to VHS”, said the Film Authority reviewer at the time.

A brilliant career despite failure

Today the franchise is considered the ‘ultimate B-movie horror’, and is considered so bad that it’s a wonderful cult following by some. Overall, the actors involved continued careers in the industry but none had a future as bright as Jennifer’s.

Less than a year later, the actress would join the cast of Friendswhich turned her into the superstar she is world-renowned today.

the leprechaun is available through Lionsgate+ and for rent or purchase on a variety of digital platforms such as YouTube and Google Play Movies🇧🇷

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