Brazilian will take over as CEO of Slack: meet Lidiane Jones – 12/06/2022

With more than 20 years of career dedicated to innovation, São Paulo native Lidiane Jones will assume the position of CEO from the company behind the Slack app. Stewart Butterfield, the current CEO, will step down in January 2023.

The Brazilian will join a select group of professionals born in Brazil who are leaders of global big techs. The list includes Cristiano AmmonCEO of Qualcomm, and Sérgio Buniacglobal president of Motorola.

“I’m proud to be named the new CEO of Slack, accepting the baton from the thoughtful and innovative @stewart [em referência a Stewart Butterfield]”, posted Jones on his Twitter profile.

Slack was one of the commercial communication platforms that gained traction during the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic. With it, it is possible for people and groups to exchange messages and share tasks and files.

The growth of the tool’s users was so great that, at the end of 2020, the corporate software producer Salesforce bought Slack for US$ 27.7 billion, about R$ 153.36 billion in the current conversion.

Who is Lidiane Jones?

Hailing from the East Zone of São Paulo, Lidiane Jones was Senior Vice President of Product Management for Salesforce Commerce Cloud. She joined the company in 2019.

In office, his role, according to the company’s website, was to provide solutions for commerce with a focus on the personalized experience of the buyer, from end to end – that is, from beginning to end of the process.

Before joining Salesforce, the new CEO had led the product area of ​​the American electronics company Sonos. She worked at the company for four years, according to her LinkedIn profile.

The executive also worked for almost 13 years at Microsoft as a manager of several products, including Microsoft Office Shared Experiences, Enterprise Management and Azure Machine Learning.

Lidiane holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Michigan.

the appointment

Current CEO Butterfield reportedly played a role in appointing Jones as his replacement.

“She is pragmatic and practical, insightful, passionate, creative, kind and curious. (…) She has a deep respect for our approach to the product, our obsession with the customer and our unique culture. She is one of us”, commented the CEO to Slack employees.

For his part, Jones paid public tribute to Butterfield on Twitter, stating:

“Simply put, there would be no Slack without Stewart. (…) As we look to the future, we are grounded in Slack’s mission: to make people’s work lives simpler, more enjoyable and more productive. (…) Slack team, I couldn’t be more excited to be working with you, and the future is bright. Let’s build the future of work!”

Command changes

The change in Slack’s CEO role comes days after Salesforce reported that coCEO Bret Taylor was stepping down from his role, just a year after being promoted.

In addition, Chief Marketing Officer Tamar Yehoshua and Senior Vice President in charge of Marketing, Brand and Communications Jonathan Prince will also leave the company next month.

Salesforce shares fell nearly 5% yesterday morning (5).

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