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Bullet train is a complex but well-written action comedy that drives home themes of karma and fate, but there are several important questions left unanswered by the film’s end. Starring Brad Pitt, Bullet train it’s full of humor as it conveys meaningful messages between the deftly crafted action scenes that dominate the film. Bullet train it also features cameos from some of Hollywood’s greats, including Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock, making it an absolute joy to watch.

Based on the novel by Kōtarō Isaka, Bullet train it’s a fairly complex film, but the writing is very well tied together, with no major plot holes. However, there are still some unanswered questions for the adaptation that could lead to a sequel. Read on to find the biggest unanswered questions at the end of Bullet train🇧🇷

Did Carver know the job was a trap?

Ryan Reynolds in Bullet Train

This is perhaps the biggest unanswered question, especially if Bullet train always gets a string. Carver (Ryan Reynolds) is a fellow assassin whom Ladybug (Brad Pitt) clearly doesn’t like one bit. Carver was supposed to be in this job, but he conveniently came up with an obscure “stomach thing” that kept him at home. This is the only reason why Ladybug was on this job in the first place.

Ladybug often bemoans her streak of bad luck and assumes that this job as it is is simply a continuation of her chronic misfortune. But is it possible that Carver knew what would happen and faked his illness so that someone else would be killed in his place? Judging by Ladybug’s take on Carver, it certainly seems possible that the mysterious killer would do such a thing.

Not only does it seem possible that Carver would do something like this, but he would also have reason to do so. Bullet trainThe ending of reveals that Carver was the one who killed the White Death’s wife, setting off the events of the film. Based on everything known about the White Death (Michael Shannon), it seems unlikely that he would stop chasing Carver until he learned the guy was dead. This leaves Carver with a choice between trying to kill the White Plague or trying to convince the crime boss that he is dead.

Convincing the White Death that he is already dead is the easiest decision, but it would require a scapegoat. That would give him a great reason to fake an illness and let Ladybug die in his place. However, Carver should have known that the bullet train work was a White Plague rig. It would make perfect sense if Carver purposely created Ladybug, however it is impossible to say for sure if he did. Perhaps Bullet train and his incredible stunts will return for a sequel and answer Carver’s question.

What is the story behind Ladybug and Maria?

Detail of Sandra Bullock in Bullet Train

Brad Pitt’s Ladybug and Sandra Bullock’s Maria have excellent chemistry in Bullet train, but audiences are left with questions about their history working together. Maria is Ladybug’s trainer and they’ve clearly worked many jobs together. However, it is never explained how they met or if they are working for a larger organization. Both work with Carver, which implies a union. However, it is possible that Maria is an independent keeper who provides jobs for Ladybug and Carver.

The story of Maria and Joaninha is curious, regardless of whether they work in a larger organization. Ladybug praises Maria as manipulative, and it would be fascinating to find out why he prefers to work with her. A prequel or sequel could unravel the mystery of their shared past and provide more depth to Bullet trainprotagonist of. Bullet train it features a well-restrained plot, however, and interestingly, Ladybug is one of the few major players in the story without flashbacks to explain her character.

Who exactly is Ladybug?

Ladybug looking confused on the Bullet Train.

The lack of background for Bullet trainmain protagonist of leaves the audience wondering who this Ladybug guy is. Based on your conversation with Maria, Ladybug has been out of business for some time and this is her first job back. He also says that his preferred job is snatching and grabbing rather than murder. He is shown working some sort of job at Lobo’s wedding, but outside of that, there is little to no backstory on Ladybug’s character.

Ladybug’s identity remains one of the biggest unanswered questions, but that’s likely to be the case. Ladybug, known only by her codename, serves as a foil to some of the other mercenaries, whose evil deeds are depicted in her flashbacks. All the public should know about Ladybug is that he tries to avoid killing, at least more so than his fellow mercenaries, and he’s suffered a long streak of bad luck. But because he tried to be better than them, and because he shouldn’t have been there in the first place, he accumulated good karma and miraculously survived the train wreck, breaking his streak of bad luck.

In the end, all of the mercenaries besides Lemon (Brian Tyree Henry) and Ladybug encounter karma and die in various ways. Even the White Death is killed when he fires the ready-to-explode gun that his daughter the Prince (Joey King) uses to kill him, proving that everything that happens really happens for us. Bullet traincharacters from. Ladybug’s identity is the guy who shouldn’t be there. Giving him more background can really hurt Bullet train‘s themes. The more ambiguous your character is, the better your arc works.

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