Clubs from Rio and Ferj talk about Carioca broadcasting rights and schedule a new meeting

Basque🇧🇷 Flamengo🇧🇷 Fluminense and Botafogo sat down to talk, this Tuesday, to discuss the agreement for the broadcasting rights of the 2023 Carioca Championship. ), a division that pleases everyone.

According to information gathered by the THROW!, the representatives will take the proposal to the respective boards and the expectation is that the conversations move towards a positive outcome. In fact, a new meeting is scheduled for Thursday at 11 am.

Several models were discussed on the table. The idea is that, now, the clubs seek a consensus. That’s because the Brax already has broadcasters interested in broadcasting🇧🇷 However, due to the imbroglio, the company is still unable to sign to close the deal.

Basque: Giselle Cabrera (legal director) and Lúcio Barbosa (financial director).
Flamengo: Rodrigo Dunshee (general vice president) and Gustavo Oliveira (communication vice president)
Fluminense: Ronaldo França (communication and marketing director), Caio Araújo (communication and marketing department manager) and Marcelo Penha (administrative coordinator).
Botafogo: André Alves (lawyer for the football department).

Last weekend, Vasco, Botafogo and Fluminense refused to sign the agreement. Cruz-Maltino and Glorioso have their speeches lined up. One accused the rival, Flamengo, of undue advantagesWhile the other cited individual privileges🇧🇷 Fluminense also rejected the proposal and defended the equal division🇧🇷 However, the Tricolor has not officially manifested itself.

Flamengo positioned itself only this Tuesday. In the note, the Rubro-Negro nudged the Anonymous Football Associations (SAFs) of rivals and defended that “it is necessary for the club to remunerate itself adequately and in line with the income potential it generates for its commercial partners.”

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