come to? Microsoft patent shows Xbox controller with integrated LCD screen

A patent recently filed by Microsoft shows a possible design change in Xbox controllers, which may gain integration of an LCD screen for synchronization with other devices. The screen would be in the center of the controller, above the d-pad, similar to the design of PlayStation controllers.

It would be used to notify players when they are connected to a console or mobile device, allowing players to easily switch between console and cloud services.

We know that Microsoft is very committed to the growth of its subscription services, especially Xbox Cloud Gaming, which is the cloud gaming service integrated into Game Pass. In addition to expanding the service to platforms such as mobile phones, PCs and even Microsoft consoles, Cloud Gaming is also now available through the operating system of Samsung TVs, showing that its potential is infinite.

Although a device exclusively dedicated to Xbox Cloud has been canceled by Microsoft, the Redmond giant continues to study possibilities to increase access to the service and make life easier for players.

The patent filed by Microsoft shows the LCD screen integrated into the Xbox controller solely as a means of letting gamers know if they have successfully synced their Xbox controllers to a device. Of course, the screen can also be used for other purposes, perhaps similar to how PlayStation controllers utilize the touchpad. The new design still incorporates the Xbox button, along with the traditional pause and menu buttons, all moved down between the controller’s joysticks. The screen will be small, incorporated into the controller without increasing the traditional size.

It is worth mentioning that many Xbox Cloud games support touch controls, a feature that is widely used by those who access the service on their cell phone and play without a controller. If this patent is actually produced, this would be a great way to integrate the two features into a single device.

As always, the registration of a patent does not mean that the device will be produced, but the idea certainly seems interesting and can further increase the functionality of the video game controller.

What do you think of this new idea?

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