Comedian Fábio Rabin despairs after being arrested in Qatar: “I almost died”

The Brazilian comedian Fábio Rabin is accompanying the Brazilian team at the World Cup in Qatar and this Monday, the 5th, he went through a hard time.

When trying to enter the 974 Stadium to watch the match between Brazil and South Korea, he was held back in a room by Qatari security.

Rabin despairs in video released after being trapped in a room in Qatar

In videos circulating on social media, Rabin appears crying and saying he almost died.

“I’m glad I’m not dead. I was locked in a room with these guys, I turned on a live there and, if I hadn’t turned it on, at that time I would be dead. There’s a guy there, a ‘black guy’, and I almost died because I tried to help the guy. At one point they released me and I said: ‘This guy is with me too’. I almost lost my life trying to help the guy. Sorry for the despair. Didn’t say why”

Rabin said security asked him if he was sober.

After a few minutes, he appeared in the stories of his official Instagram account explaining himself. In his words, he couldn’t explain himself properly to the guards and ended up isolated in a room during the game.

“Sorry for the scare, the important thing is that Brazil won and qualified. I tried to communicate with the locals, I couldn’t, to talk about my ticket. I ended up getting stuck in a little room and despaired. ‘It’s guys’”

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