cosplayers comment on experience at ‘CCXP22’

Cosplayers at 'CCXP22'
Isabela Frasinelli/iG – 12.06.2022

Cosplayers at ‘CCXP22’

After two years with virtual editions due to the covid-19 pandemic, “CCXP” returned to the São Paulo Expo pavilions in 2022 with great public excitement. Between the 1st and 4th of December, long queues dominated the large stands of streaming platforms, such as Netflix and Globoplay, where people left satisfied with the selfies with their favorite characters or the freebies offered by the services.

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The biggest pop culture festival in the world also gathered emotional fans in front of international artists, who squandered a lot of charisma speaking in Portuguese and even quoting favorite national singers. Jenna Ortega, for example, expressed her admiration for Gal Costa in one of the panels that gathered the most screams on the Thunder Stage, the largest in the space. However, the protagonist of the series “Wandinha” was not the only one to represent the character of the Addams Family at the event.

Netflix booth about Round 6 at 'CCXP22'
Isabela Frasinelli/iG – 12.06.2022

Netflix booth about Round 6 at ‘CCXP22’

iG Gente was present at “CCXP22” and noticed several “Wandinhas” among the usual cosplays of the event. Beatriz Fernandes from São Paulo was one of them, who also stood out for uniting costumes with proactivity. While featured, she organized a queue in the autograph area so that all fans could be contemplated if the opportunity arose to meet idols, such as Ortega.

“When I first came, in 2018, I had a regular ticket and I couldn’t get in line to meet Sandra Bullock [de quem é fã], there were many people. We don’t know if there’s going to be an autograph session, but I decided to organize it, so that no one would miss it, like I did. It was my initiative. Because I know how bad it is to be a fan, to end up having one day to make your dream come true and losing the dream on the second”, he reports.

Yasmin Esteves de Siqueira, from Brasilia, decided to do the cosplay simply because she was interested in the series. She shared the experience with her sister, Giovana, with whom she walked around the festival as the “Wandas”, as the relative cosplayed the character Wanda Maximoff, from the series “WandaVision”.

Wandinha cosplayers at 'CCXP22'
Isabela Frasinelli/iG – 12.06.2022

Wandinha cosplayers at ‘CCXP22’

Cousins ​​Beatriz and Maria Helena, from the city of Sumaré (SP), also shared the cosplay experience together at the “Comic Con Experience”. The duo explained that they started the looks process from the start of ticket sales, in March 2022, and have since been able to share the “madness” of the process.

“The base of the dress we sent to the seamstress and the increments we made at home. But the process itself is a lot of work, so much so that before the event we were finishing assembling some things. It takes time and it’s not cheap, but it’s worth it, especially when people stop and want to take a picture with you. I said that if nobody wanted to take a picture with us, I would get upset, because it’s a lot of work”, said Beatriz, who was dressed as Feyre Archeron, a character from the book “A Court of Thorns and Roses”.

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Maria, who cosplayed as Galadriel, from “The Lord of the Rings”, exposes the difficulty of creating the costume crown from scratch. “Making crowns was the most challenging part. I did it with my uncle and the first version went wrong, because I printed it in 3D and it broke”, she points out, who explains that she managed to finish the process after three attempts.

Beatriz still regrets the heat she felt there: “Clothing is the most challenging […] Because of the heat we spend here, it’s really unbearable. If it was a little colder, I would appreciate it.” Diogo Antonio Freitas, from Rio de Janeiro, would also be grateful for a milder temperature in the pavilion. At the age of 30, he cosplayed in the last three in-person editions and was hot with the 2020 costume, inspired by the series “Mandalorian”.

The cosplayer had the help of a cosmaker from Minas Gerais, who created the characteristic clothes of the “Star Wars” universe, from the accessories to the helmet that involved the heat. “It took me an hour and a half to assemble. It’s very hot, but just go slowly and don’t move too much. It’s a little heavy, but it’s very rewarding at the end of the day, I really like it”, she analyzes.

Cosplayers at 'CCXP22'
Isabela Frasinelli/iG – 12.06.2022

Cosplayers at ‘CCXP22’

“I like to feel a little bit of the vibe of the crowd taking pictures and enjoying it. And I also like to enter this world that we see so much on a daily basis and I end up enjoying being a little part of it too”, reflects Diogo.

Evelyn Oliveira, 29 years old, also appreciates public contact and valued the details of the costume when ordering the clothes for “CCXP22” with a cosmaker from Brasilia.

“Details are very important to me. The quality of the cosplay, it has texture. And we try to be as faithful as possible to the character’s costume”, highlights her, who caught the attention of “Arcane” fans by appearing with a 1.30 m gun to compose Jinx’s look. Evelyn started producing content about cosplay during the pandemic and celebrates the possibility of meeting people who already followed her on social media, but says that she also felt apprehensive about the experience.

“It’s the first time I’m cosplaying away from home. It’s really cool, I spent an hour at the Netflix booth taking pictures with the guys […] But it is the first post-pandemic event, so in the first few days I was a little phobic, I was scared. Because sometimes, for example, walking to the next stand takes me an hour, you can’t get to the next one there, it’s very difficult, you get a little nervous. The attention is really nice, but sometimes there are so many people who give you that little support, that butterflies in your stomach”, he shares.

Jinx cosplayer from 'Arcane' at 'CCXP22'
Isabela Frasinelli/iG – 12.06.2022

Jinx cosplayer from ‘Arcane’ at ‘CCXP22’

Igor Alves Rogério, from the city of Valinhos (SP), describes the public’s attention as “wonderful”. The 21-year-old started cosplaying recently and took pride in creating the Mad Hatter costume, from “Alice in Wonderland”, with thrift store items. He reports that he spent four hours assembling the hat out of cardboard and EVA, over two hours to complete the makeup, and had an investment of less than R$100 for the complete look.

“The coolest part is taking pictures with people. Because at big events, like the ‘CCXP’, I come every day. The first two days were already tired, because you see a lot of things, a lot of people. And to take a picture, you don’t do anything, just stand still. So the wonder is really people coming, saying that they like the cosplay, that they think it’s cool, they like the character”, he admits.

Mad Hatter Cosplayer at 'CCXP22'
Isabela Frasinelli/iG – 12.06.2022

Mad Hatter Cosplayer at ‘CCXP22’

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