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When I want to feel important, I say that I played alongside Pelé. When I want to get even more involved, I tell him that, during the match against England, in the 1970 World Cup, I said to him: “Change your seat, because you are very marked”. He looked at me as if I were the king and he was the subject, and switched sides. Strength, Pele! Save the King.

Brazil put on a show in the first half, facilitated by the two goals at the start, which disrupted South Korea’s defensive system, which created huge spaces in the defense, as fast players and dribblers like. Raphinha and Vinicius Junior danced, without needing help from the sides (Militão and Danilo). The concept that a team with fast and skilful wingers doesn’t need the help of full-backs is relative. Against Croatia, that might be necessary. The return of Alex Sandro will be important.

Neymar touched the ball more and dribbled less. Was it because of a technical change, which is good, or was it because of insecurity, because of the injury?

France and England should play a balanced game. They are two strong selections, collectively and individually. On the one hand, Mbappé, who combines physical strength, speed and exceptional technique. On the other, Kane, who brings together lucidity, collective intelligence and the refined technique of a great striker. The two teams have the same tactical design, with four defenders, three in the middle and three in the attack, in addition to having fast wingers and dribblers, like those of Brazil.

Griezmann, who has always been an attacking midfielder, has been playing as a midfielder, from midfield to midfielder. When the team loses the ball, France forms a line of four in midfield, with right winger Dembélé, who returns to score, midfielder Tchouaméni, Griezmann and the other midfielder, Rabiot, who moves to the left, to protect the full-back, as Mbappé only returns to midfield. Sometimes France leaves all the way to the opposing full-back as a decoy, to counter-attack with Mbappé.

Argentina and Holland should also play a balanced game. The difference is Messi. The World Cup is very important for all players, even more so for Messi, who, like Pelé in the 1970 World Cup, wants to say goodbye to the national team with a great performance and the world title.

Morocco’s boom, with nine players close to the area, well distributed, annulled Spain’s attack, without an excellent striker and with an excess of short passes and laterals. Each team only had one clear chance to score in the 120 minutes. On penalties, Morocco eliminated Spain.

Portugal, who scored 6-1 in Switzerland, which had a good defense, will face Morocco, the surprise among the selections that are in the quarterfinals. Portugal put on a gala display. The team, which has excellent players, such as Bernardo Silva, Bruno Fernandes and many others, confirms that it is a strong candidate for the title.

The team shows that it is not necessary to always have skilful and fast wingers, like Brazil, France and England, as they play with four very skilful midfielders (Bernardo Silva, Bruno Fernandes, João Félix and Otávio), with a defensive midfielder and a center forward ahead of the four, Gonçalo Ramos, who stopped Cristiano Ronaldo. Truths are relative. Even so, it won’t be easy to break Morocco’s boom.

Football, in the Cup, mixes past and present and flirts with the future. The past is important, but it only makes one dream when it moves and agitates the present.

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