Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer canceled after disastrous launch

Since its announcement 10 years ago, cyberpunk 2077 It has become one of the most anticipated games by the gaming community.🇧🇷 Over the years, new information about the game was released until, around 2019, everyone was left speechless with the revelation of – in theory – incredible gameplay. With many promisesincluding a city full of life in which NPCs would have different routines, many people couldn’t wait to finally visit Night City.

Even better: explore the city alongside other players, since the game would support a multiplayer mode, to be released later… but it didn’t. After the game’s disastrous launch, CD Projekt Red kept putting off delivering the online mode until the promise completely disappeared from their plans. Now we finally have answers about disappearance of the long awaited multiplayer mode🇧🇷

Philipp Weber, the Senior Quest Designer and Coordinator of cyberpunk 2077commented on the subject in an interview given to the Eurogamer website.

Speaking to the portal, Weber explained that, after the game’s release, his team needed focus on what was really important to you cyberpunk 2077 that moment. “The priority was to get the core experience running smoothly, and essentially the shift in priorities meant that other Research and Development projects had to be abandoned🇧🇷

He went on to admit that the game devs really wanted to do too many things at onceso it was necessary to stop and ask yourself which parts were really important and then focus on making them “really good”.

Now, two years after its original release, cyberpunk 2077 should get a new version of “Game of the Year” — but multiplayer mode remains off the charts by CD Projekt Red.

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