Democrat Wins Georgia Runoff, Secures Senate Majority

ATLANTA, USA – The Reverend Raphael Warnockof Democratic Partydefeated his republican opponent, Herschel Walkerin the race for the Senate in Georgia🇧🇷 The result of the second round of the election this Tuesday, 6, secured the Democratic majority of 51 seats in the US Senate. United States🇧🇷

Warnock, who is a senator, won reelection by defeating former football star Herschel Walker, a Republican chosen and supported by former US President Donald Trump. Georgia is the only state that has a runoff in the legislative election, in case the Senate candidates do not reach 50% of the votes in the first round – which took place on November 8th.

The election pitted two black candidates against each other and was tight from the beginning with the two with minimal margins of difference. With 97% of the votes counted, the Democrat appears with 50.6% and the projections indicate that Walker can no longer turn.

Warnock’s victory ended a marathon of midterm elections in which Democrats overcame the challenge of Joe Biden’s low popularity and the historic loss of seats in the House that usually occurs with the party in front. White House🇧🇷 The party also exceeded expectations and defeated most of the candidates supported by former President Donald Trump, limiting Trump’s influence within the Republican Party.

U.S. Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA) celebrates with his mother Verlene Warnock and daughter Chloe after securing victory in the race against Republican Herschel Walker in Georgia
U.S. Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA) celebrates with his mother Verlene Warnock and daughter Chloe after securing victory in the race against Republican Herschel Walker in Georgia Photograph: Carlos Barria/Reuters

During one of the closest Senate races in American history, Warnock urged Georgia voters to bridge the political divide sparked by donald trumpof Republican party🇧🇷

Walker’s defeat is yet another on a list of Trump-backed candidates who have lost in some major US states such as Nevada🇧🇷 arizona and New Hampshire🇧🇷 Trump’s gubernatorial candidates in arizona🇧🇷 Michigan and Georgia also lost in the primaries and general elections last month.

In the November general election, the Democrat finished ahead of Walker by about 37,000 votes. None of the candidates exceeded the threshold of 50% needed to win, taking the dispute to the second round.

Under Georgia election law, the runoff period has been cut from nine weeks to four weeks, giving both campaigns little time to regroup, adjust their strategies and mobilize voters to return to the polls.

Key win for Democrats

The Democratic Party will now have 51 seats, out of a total of 100, in the Senate as of January 3 – one more than the party has today, considering two independent names that always vote with the acronym, and the vote for the vice president. Kamala Harris, who is a senator.

Until now, the party had a minimal majority to approve projects. As a result, any dissent at the base prevents the advancement of government proposals.

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With Warnock’s victory, Biden will be able to guarantee the approval of his proposals, and confirm appointments to positions in the Judiciary and diplomacy, which are subject to approval by the House.

On the way to running for re-election to office, the majority in the Senate has become even more essential now that Biden has lost control of the House, where Republicans promise to prevent the advancement of the Democrat’s tariffs.

Warnock is a pastor at the Ebenezer Baptist Church, the same church where Martin Luther King Jr., leader of the civil rights struggle for the black population in Atlanta, preached. He arrived in the Senate in 2020, in a special election to replace a Republican congressman who decided to retire.

Warnock was the first black person from Georgia to be elected to the Senate when he won the 2021 second round. Now, with re-election, he will continue to be part of the small group of 11 black people who served in the Senate.

Of the current 100 senators, only three are black: Warnock, Cory Booker, Democrat of New Jersey, and Tim Scott, Republican of South Carolina. 🇧🇷NYT, EFE and AP

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