Democrats Win Georgia Race, Consolidate Senate Majority

President Joe Biden’s party won another seat in the United States Senate on Tuesday with the victory of the Democratic candidate Raphael Warnock in Georgia, according to US press projections.

Senator Warnock defeated former President Donald Trump-backed Republican Herschel Walker, a result that bolsters Biden after many analysts projected a tough defeat for Democrats in the midterm elections.

The victory gives the Democratic Party a narrow majority in the Senate (51 to 49).

“Tonight, Georgia voters stood up for our democracy, rejected Ultra MAGAism (extremist stream of Trumpism) and, most importantly, sent a good man back to the Senate. Here’s to six more years,” Biden said on Twitter.

Georgia voters went to the polls on Tuesday to choose whether Warnock, a minister, should remain in the Senate or the former football star Walker.

The runoff in the southern US state was organized because no candidate won more than 50% of the vote in November’s midterm elections.

And the election was close, with a small difference in votes between the candidates.

The result does not change the balance in the US Congress, as the Democrats had already secured control of the Senate, while the Republicans won a majority in the House of Representatives.

But the new seat gives more freedom to Joe Biden’s party, which has governed the last two years with a narrow majority in the Senate (50-50, but with the Democratic advantage thanks to Vice President Kamala Harris, who serves as President of the Senate).

It will also allow greater influence on key congressional committees and significantly limit the role of a moderate Democratic senator, Joe Manchin, who has already blocked several key Biden administration projects.

Republicans viewed the race as an opportunity to build strength and block Democratic government policies.

With 700 days to go before the 2024 presidential election, the opposition was hoping to create obstacles for Joe Biden, after the Democrats achieved much better than expected results in the November midterms.

To increase the chances of victory, the Democrats used all their assets, including former President Barack Obama (2009-2017), possibly one of the most charismatic figures in the party, who campaigned in the city of Atlanta last week.

The defeat of Donald Trump’s candidate is a new demonstration that the republican “wave” promised by the former president has not materialized.

Despite the lower-than-expected results, Trump announced his pre-candidacy for the 2024 presidential election, even though he was involved in several scandals and lawsuits.

The interest in the Georgia race was evidenced by campaign spending, which approached $400 million. Nearly 1.9 million voters, out of seven million registered, cast early ballots.


Although usually a Republican stronghold, Georgia gave Joe Biden victory over Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election. And two months later, he chose two Democrats for the Senate.

The state bordering Florida has once again become an object of desire. This time, the dispute was marked by the atypical profile of the candidates.

With several sporting records under his belt, Republican Herschel Walker, considered one of the best players in college football history, entered politics at age 60.

On the Democratic side was the now-reelected Raphael Warnock, who before taking office as senator was a pastor at the Atlanta Baptist Church where African-American civil rights leader Martin Luther King preached.

The campaign of the anti-abortionist and pro-Trump Republican candidate was marred by several scandals. Despite his speech against terminating the pregnancy, he was accused of paying for the abortions of several ex-girlfriends.

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