Deputy prosecutor complains about the PGR driver service: “I asked for Uber”

The Deputy Attorney General of the Republic Elizete Ramos complained, during a session of the Superior Council this Tuesday (6/12), about the driver service of the Attorney General’s Office, which, according to her, forced her to order an Uber .

“I lost my driver because of vacation. He was given three months of vacation straight to him, I don’t quite understand how the administration gives three months of vacation to a driver and doesn’t revert it”, complained Ramos to the PGR Augusto Aras.

The sub-attorney continued the criticism of the driver system:

“I arranged for a driver to pick me up at 8:30 am at home. It’s 8:30 am and nothing. I called the shuttle service and was told they didn’t have a driver. Then I got mad! I immediately ordered an Uber. ‘Ah, but a sub-attorney can’t ride an uber?’, Of course he can, we can, ”she said in an ironic tone.

Ramos questioned Aras if the transport system would continue “a painful interrogation” and complained, once again, about having to take Uber and not PGR private drivers.

“Each time I ask for a driver, will the next day be a painful question mark? Does he go or not? Am I going to have to call here? Will I have to take Uber? Can’t stand a responsible driver?”, she questioned her irritably.

Watch the video of the moment below.

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