Dissatisfied with Uber and 99, drivers create alternative apps – 12/07/2022

Since last year, the struggle between drivers and apps has affected users: cancellations and delays have become frequent in some regions, as well as the delay in finding available vehicles. Dissatisfied with the big platforms, which charge a variable fee per ride, drivers are creating their own apps, offering, according to them, more benefits to workers.

André Mansur, a lawyer specializing in labor law, responsible for the first cause against a platform in Brazil, explains that drivers are being motivated by the lack of rights, since workers do not even have the right to assistance in the event of an accident.

“The spreadsheet that the platforms submit drivers in Brazil is inhumane. The drivers’ cost spreadsheet itself makes the work unfeasible. In Brazil, this work has become synonymous with ‘I couldn’t find anything better’. That’s why some drivers are grouping together in micro cooperatives, in a segmented way. Competitors are emerging for Uber”, says Mansur.

The new platforms do not operate nationally like Uber and 99, on the contrary, they operate in specific cities or neighboring municipalities. According to the president of the Association of Application Drivers of São Paulo (AMASP), Eduardo Lima, they offer more benefits to the driver and the consumer has the advantage of not suffering from cancellations or delays, as the driver would be more satisfied working. The challenge is to build a customer base that makes them as profitable as their competitors.

“Applications undergo homologation with city halls to work legally. They are an attempt to get out of the clutches of large companies, with a fair rate for the driver, with satisfactory transfers. The idea is to charge the same price as Uber and 99, but without delays and cancellations”, he says. Check out the new apps below:

go from belly

The application, which will be available in Greater São Paulo, is in the testing phase and promises to be more financially attractive for drivers than rivals. For this, it charges a monthly fee of BRL 59.90 and a fixed fee of BRL 2.39 per ride, unlike traditional platforms, which keep a variable percentage. As a benefit, the new tool also offers accident insurance for the driver.

VR Drive

In the interior of São Paulo, “VR Drive”, which serves Bragança Paulista, Atibaia, Bom Jesus dos Perdões, Piracaia and Itatiba, was also created by workers dissatisfied with traditional applications.

“Three drivers tired of working with the fees and the low value of rides on the ‘big’ platforms decided to create VR Drive”, says the company.


In São Carlos, the Cooperative for Logistics and Passenger Transport of Autonomous Drivers of the State of São Paulo (Coopama) created “Coopfree”, another application that promises to improve drivers’ earnings, charging only fixed amounts, and not percentage of rides.

Chauffeur 46

In Paraná, app drivers created “Chafer 46”. According to the creators, when they worked on the major platforms, they identified flaws and needs in the services. The app also charges drivers fixed monthly fees and offers customer service via phone and social media.

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