Elon Musk is “exorcising” web censorship and revealing the dark side hidden by Twitter

Everyone knew that the purchase of Twitter by billionaire Elon Musk would cause shocks in the technology market.

And it seems that this goes much further than one might imagine.

The suspicions that the abnormal behavior of the application regarding the limitation of the reach of the posts of certain people with political alignment more to the right, finally proved to be true.

Last Friday, a series of tweets called “The Twitter Files”, posted by journalist and writer Matt Taibbi, brought to light a collection of messages exchanged between employees of the company, including its top executives. . From the content of the messages, it is clear that these people decided to use the power of the platform to censor political views different from their own, to influence elections and to harm and silence conservative influencers. And this strongly impacted the American presidential elections in 2020. And, perhaps, even the Brazilian one.

Taibbi only released the first wave of messages. According to him, there are thousands of internal Twitter documents that were given to him by multiple sources, and that tell “the story of a mechanism created by humans and that grew out of the control of its creator”. The reference, as read in the exchanges of messages, is the founder and former CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, who did not know much of what was happening in the company he commanded. It is also clear that the person who played a key role in all content censorship and suppression initiatives was the head of the platform’s Policy and Legal Affairs Department, Vijaya Gadde, one of the first people to be fired by Elon Musk.

Vijaya Gadde is a lawyer born in India but raised in Texas who (according to her profile) would have suffered a lot of discrimination in her childhood – a hurt that obviously she does not seem to have overcome, even having achieved absolute success in her career.

Twitter censors played gods and acted like demons. But, as the Bible itself says, there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed.

In the coming days, Taibbi promises to publish the sequences of the Twitter Archives, as he manages to process the enormous amount of information he obtained. But what was tweeted by him on Friday, December 2, already gives an idea of ​​​​the level of interference and lack of shame on the face of Gadde and his gang. The documents mention constant communications between the teams of presidential candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump and Twitter’s censors during the 2020 campaign. More or less as we saw happening this year in Brazil, but with a private company in place of the TSE. And, just like in Brazil, the requests of the candidate on the left, Joe Biden, were met on many more occasions and with much more rigor than the requests of the candidate on the right, Donald Trump.

The first batch of documents also surface the history of Hunter Biden’s (son of Joe Biden) laptop in stunning detail. Twitter’s proactive actions included suspending the account of then-Presidential Spokesperson Kaleigh McEnany; the deletion of thousands of posts that brought content from the NY Post report on Biden’s son; and even the suppression of direct messages, a measure until then reserved only for extreme cases such as the exchange of criminal messages between pedophiles.

In principle, the excuse chosen by Twitter’s “censorship department” was a certain hacked material policy, supposedly in force on the platform. The excuse was first used by the Policy executive at the time, Caroline Strom. But internally, the story didn’t stick. A former Twitter employee told Taibbi that “the anti-hacking policy was the excuse, but it only took a few hours for everyone to realize that it wouldn’t stick. Turns out, no one had the courage to reverse it.”

This stretch, however, is just the tip of an iceberg that could hit US President Joe Biden hard. As Taibbi makes more content available, we will have the exact dimension of the ‘coup’ that Big Techs applied to American voters. Incidentally, many of these voters have already categorically stated that they would have switched their vote from Joe Biden to Donald Trump if they had had access to Hunter Biden’s story. Twitter censors played gods and acted like demons. But, as the Bible itself says, there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed. We look forward to the next chapters.

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