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Have you ever thought about having free internet? Currently, a large telephone company has innovated by offering free internet to the population. However, the option has its rules that must be followed to gain the option.

Thus, those who want a plan to use without having to pay for it, can count on this new option. Possibility is available for several people. Know the rules of this new program.

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Currently the internet is one of the most used means to communicate, shop and access information. However, you have to pay to access all of this. Today, a telephone company offers the possibility of being able to surf for free.

People who use Claro’s packages to surf the internet have news. This is because customers of the company’s prepaid option will be able to access a new plan. The novelty is taking the name of Prezão Free.

In addition, it is important to note that the minus nine application is only available to those using Android phones. Therefore, people using iPhone cell phones cannot enjoy these advantages.

Therefore, to use Prezão Free, the interested party needs to have the application downloaded on their cell phone. It is also necessary that the person is interested in performing some tasks to receive the reward.

Soon, the options are to invite friends to use the application. In addition, it is also possible to watch several videos to gain access to the program.

In this way, when watching videos with ads, the user will be able to accumulate coins. Afterwards, that person will be able to exchange for daily packages. They have access to the internet. Or even choose options with SMS or even unlimited calls.

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How it works

Currently, only people who have the prepaid option of the company’s plans can access this new option. In addition, it is important to remember that one of the rules to participate today is to use an Android cell phone. It may be that in the future this process will be modified.

Thus, those who own iPhone cell phones should stay tuned for the launch of the application for their operating system. For this, it is worth paying attention to the device’s application store, the App Store.

Basically, if the person has Claro’s prepaid plan, he can already participate in the option. Thus, it is necessary to download the application called Prezão Free. After downloading it, it is necessary to open the application and enter the consumer number. Then it’s important to download.

Then the user can start watching the available videos. Therefore, options can be from 5 to 30 seconds. Soon, when watching these short videos, it is possible to collect coins.

In addition, it is also possible to solve some challenges that the application proposes. It is worth remembering that users must watch the videos until the end. Those who close in the middle will not have the coins counted.

Finally, the interested party only needs to exchange their saved coins for the plans available in the application. They have several prizes for users who are participating.

These people will be able to receive the chance to send SMS for free or even make unlimited calls. However, the most sought after option is the daily internet packages. Therefore, it is worth watching the videos and then choosing the option that best meets your demand.

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