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Stadium 974 has been popular with people since the start of the World Cup in Qatar. That’s because, in addition to looking like a giant lego, during game broadcasts there were several times that the name of the stadium was explained to the audience🇧🇷 Which spawned a plethora of memes.

In case you missed the information, the stage for seven of the 64 World Cup games was built with 974 containers – large metal boxes used to transport cargo on ships. Also, 974 is the country code for calling in Qatar. Hence the name of the stadium.

But of course, there’s more to the 974 that goes beyond the justification of its name. And that’s why echoes made a list to tell you why this stadium will go down in the history of the World Cups.

1) Not just any 974 containers

If you’re tired of hearing about the justification for the 974 containers, maybe you still don’t know a specific curiosity about the structures.

According to event organizers, the containers were built with recyclable steel —Point for the environment!

2) It’s hot in Qatar, but not so much

Stadium 974 was the only one built by the sea, which, in addition to ensuring a different look from others located in the middle of the desert, also allows it to be the only one without air conditioningas the natural breeze relieves the intense Qatari heat.

3) What will become of the 974?

That 974 is the first “Fifa standard” stadium, as the event organizer guarantees, completely dismountable, you may already know. But what you might be wondering is: where do the 974 containers go?

Not even the players will take the containers home, and not even Shein will buy them to transport her shopping (the internet is very creative!). Qatar announced that seats and roof will be used in popular parks🇧🇷

4) The stadium that turns into another stadium

Furthermore, according to the Financial Times, some containers can be used in the construction of a new stadium, also sustainable in Uruguay. The South American country is one of those interested in hosting the 2030 World Cup and welcomes the initiative.

5) 974 is 100% Legacy

In addition to making the Legadão da Copa Twitter page happy, the stadium 974 is considered a great legacy not only for the Qatar Cup but also for other World Cups🇧🇷 This is because the fact that it is collapsible means that it does not result in the famous post-World Cup white elephants, that is, huge structures that will never be used again.

The last game of 974 was the match between Brazil and South Korea in the Round of 16 of the Cup. The Brazilians won 4-1 and eliminated the Koreans.

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