Google Chrome’s address bar gets new search shortcuts using ‘@’

O Google released yesterday, Tuesday (7), the introduction of a new shortcut that uses the “@” character in the browser’s address bar chrome🇧🇷 The novelty promises to ease the daily use of some browser features.

According to the company, the novelty is already available in the version 108 from Chrome to desktop and will help simplify tasks like accessing an article tab that was left open without having to perform another web search, for example.

To find a saved page more easily, just type “@Bookmarks” or just “@” in the address bar, right after pressing the space button and clicking on “Search Bookmarks” and start typing some keywords.

The same can also be done for guides and history. Just type “@” and press the space bar, then click on the expressions “@Tabs” or “@History”, type terms of what you want to find and the result appears in the blink of an eye.

Initially, the feature appears to be only available for the English language. Google has shown a penchant for the “@” symbol on its platforms. In October, the company released new @tags for YouTube users🇧🇷 in the style of twitter🇧🇷

The company has also started offering powerful new features for developers in its Workspace/Google Docs products, who can gain access to external files and even third-party applications using “@” tags.

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