Google posts farewell to SMS on its birthday, nudges Apple over adopting RCS

SMS has just completed 30 years since its launch, and on that anniversary Google publishes a post in honor of the technology while saying goodbye to it. SMS is currently being replaced by a more modern and complete option, the Rich Communication Services (RCS) standard.

However, the company also took the opportunity to poke Apple quite directly in its post, revealing that the apple company is still “stuck in the 1990s” as it refuses to use the new standard on its devices.

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SMS is 1990s technology, according to Google


The official Google post is on their page and is signed by Google Messages product manager Neena Budhiraja. In the text, she talks a little about the importance that SMS has had since its launch, but at the same time she states that it is time for changes and that the most modern technology at the moment is CSR.

However, not everyone seems to be walking that same road, as Apple still refuses to change the pattern of messages on its iPhones. In a certain part of the post, Google states that:

“RCS is designed to work universally, so no matter where you live, who makes your phone or how it works, you can enjoy the same texting experience. And today, all major carriers and handset manufacturers have adopted RCS as standard, except Apple. Apple refuses to adopt RCS and continues to rely on SMS when people with iPhones message people with Android phones, which means your text messages are stuck in the 1990s.”

She also spoke about the #GetTheMessage campaign launched in August of this year by the Android company, whose main focus was to convince companies that replacing SMS with RSC was more advantageous. One of the main companies would be Apple itself, its direct competitor. But despite the campaign, Apple does not seem to have been convinced, at least for now.


What’s New for RCS

In the Google post they also highlighted two big new features coming to the RSC standard shortly. The first is end-to-end encryption for chats, ensuring more security in this exchange of messages between users. It should be available for the Messages app beta soon.


The second novelty is that they will bring support for reacting to messages using emojis, which will work in a very similar way to what already happens with WhatsApp. With this, it will be possible to reply or react to a message using any emoji.

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