Government of Qatar calls Brazilian embassy

The detention of Fábio Rabin in Qatar, which took place on Monday, December 5, while he was on his way to the 974 stadium to watch the match of the Brazilian team against South Korea, in the Round of 16 of the World Cup, is giving what to say. According to UOL, after the comedian was reported live on Instagram and reports of being threatened with a gun by local police, the Supreme Committee of the Qatari government contacted the Brazilian embassy in Doha to talk about what happened. . The Qatari government wanted to know if Fábio filed a formal complaint about the case. The embassy denied it and, as a result, the government decided not to comment on the case.

On the day of the incident, Fabio said on video that, while he was with the police, he suffered threats from armed men and feared for his life. Crying a lot, he said: “I thought I would never see my daughter again. I swear I’m not doing this for engagement. I really thought I was going to die and I was only saved because I did a live.” In an interview with UOL Esporte, Rabin admitted to drinking beer and whiskey. Consuming alcohol is illegal in Qatar, except in certain licensed establishments.

“I’m glad I’m not dead. I swear to God. I was locked in a room with these guys. I turned on a live there and I think that if I had not turned on the live I would have been dead at this time, me and a guy ”, he added in the video.


In a video published on social media on Tuesday, December 6, Rabin said he was on his way to Brazil, where he would perform on Thursday, the 8th and Saturday, the 10th.

“Hey guys, how are you? I’m just stopping by quickly to say that everything’s fine with me, it was just a fright… I’ve been scared, but everything’s fine now, I’m going home. I have a show in Brazil on Thursday and Saturday and I’m going to talk about it on the show, because I already know I’ve become a meme”, said the comedian.

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