“He was indignant”; Dorival Júnior is disgusted by the situation linked to Flamengo and the truth is revealed


Coach still hasn’t agreed with any new Club after leaving Mengão

- Dorival Junior
🇧🇷 (Photo:Buda Mendes/Getty Images)– Dorival Junior

dorival junior remains unemployed since the surprising departure of Flamengo. The coach won the main titles in his career precisely directing Mengão in this last passage and everyone thought that the work would continue in 2023, but that did not happen and the CRF is on the verge of announcing Vítor Pereira as a substitute.

Since his departure, there has been a lot of information about the reasons that may have led to the decision to break off a successful job. Flamengo has not yet officially positioned itself and perhaps this will happen during the presentation of the new coach, which still does not have a date to happen. On the other hand, some situations that came out and had repercussions left Dorival indignant.

like the journalist Sormani brought backstage information on his YouTube channel recently, the report confirmed that the speculated version that he lost the locker room and was “hostage” after the Libertadores and Copa do Brasil titles, left the coach irritated, even more so because he never there was a problem with no athlete and all respected coach’s decisions. This rumor, which is promptly denied by people close to the commander, bothered the coach🇧🇷

Dorival always had autonomy to put any player on the field or “bar” any athlete who was not performing. The decision not to continue with the work came from management and there were no internal problems of any kind. Even the decision to Vidal being a bench in most important games is remembered, since, if the rumors were confirmed, the commander could have problems with a medallion coming from Europe and that he would have to put him in the starting lineup anyway, something that did not happen.

Dorival has already received invitations to manage other teams after leaving Flamengo, but the commander did not accept it because he left CRF so recently and continues to observe the market. Due to the work he did at Mengão, it is very difficult for the coach to start 2023 unemployed.

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