Hulu’s Top 10 Most Popular Original Movies, According to Letterboxd

On December 2, Hulu released its latest original film in Darby and the Dead🇧🇷 It’s still unclear how well the film will do or where it will rank when compared to the streaming service’s other originals, but it does have some pretty stiff competition.

Despite not being as well known for movies as HBO or Netflix, Hulu has released an impressive roster of original movies. Many have become popular with Letterboxd users, from time-travel comedies to harrowing horror tales and prequels to modern holiday classics. Whether they received positive or negative reviews, they were hits with Hulu subscribers.

10/10 Great Adolescence (2019)

Pete Davidson on Big Time Adolescence

Despite being among the most popular movies on the streaming service, Great Adolescence it still feels like it should appeal to a wider audience. For starters, the cast includes notable names like Pete Davidson, Sydney Sweeney and Colson Baker (Machine Gun Kelly).

This coming-of-age film centers on the relationship between a teenager and the slacker older man (Davidson) he looks up to. Although it went unnoticed, reviews were mostly positive, with most praise going to the cast and heartfelt script.

9/10 Crush (2022)

Paige and AJ party at Crush (2022)

2022 has seen Hulu release more original films than in any previous year. This included a handful of romantic comedies and among them is crush, which is a strong addition to the back catalog of LGBTQ+ teen rom-coms. The story follows a girl who joins the track team to get closer to her crush, only to fall in love with her crush’s sister.

Buoyed by the delightful performances of Auliʻi Cravalho, Rowan Blanchard and Isabella Ferreira, there’s a lot to love about this film. Critics found it easy to get wrapped up in the film’s central romance, which was well-written and well-acted.

8/10 Waterdeep (2022)

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas look at each other on a sofa in Deep Water.

The most popular films are not always the most critically acclaimed, as was evident with Deep waters🇧🇷 The erotic thriller had a lot of buzz as Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas began a steamy romance during filming.

Add in Adrian Lyne’s return to the director’s chair and people were excited. Unfortunately, critics and audiences alike were underwhelmed by the pacing and some negatively compared it to missing girl🇧🇷 The plot focuses on a husband who becomes suspicious when his wife’s lovers disappear.

7/10 Hell (2022)

Priest in Hellraiser 2022

Trying to remake movies from the past is always a tricky decision, especially when they’re supposed to be scary. Some horror remakes were better than the original, but most viewers agree that while 2022’s infernal it’s pretty good, they prefer the 1987 iteration.

The problems with the film came from the pacing, as it takes too long to get into the heart of the plot. On the other hand, Jamie Clayton was praised for her performance as the Priest and the film was considered faithful to the source material. Hulu users across the world have given some previews.

6/10 Happiest Season (2020)

Mackenzie Davis and Kristen Stewart together in the happiest season

Holiday movies appear on so many networks and streaming services every year and there has finally been a rise in LGBTQ+ movies in the genre. happiest season is one of the most famous, starring the likes of Kristen Stewart, Mackenzie Davis, Aubrey Plaza, Alison Brie and Dan Levy.

happiest season tells the story of a woman who is invited to spend Christmas at her girlfriend’s family’s house, but only as a friend, since her girlfriend has not yet come out to her parents. It won a GLAAD award, received positive reviews, and is perfect for an annual holiday review.

5/10 It’s Not Okay (2022)

Charles, Danni and Rowan in Not Okay

Every once in a while, a movie is great, but it also makes you uncomfortable to watch. In 2022, that movie was Its not goodwhich centers on a woman who is so desperate to become famous that she lies about being a survivor of a horrific bombing.

It’s rare for a movie to feature an unpleasant protagonist, but Its not good makes it work. That’s because Zoey Deutch does a fantastic job as the lead. It was highly praised, as was the script’s social commentary.

4/10 Run (2020)

Run Sarah Paulson 2020 movie poster

Thanks to his iconic work in american horror story, Sarah Paulson has kind of become a modern scream queen. While Run it’s not directly a horror movie, it’s an intense thriller where Paulson plays a villain that will send shivers down your spine.

Paulson plays Diane, a mother who lies to her daughter about her various illnesses and disabilities through Munchausen by proxy. The movie was scheduled to hit theaters, but it dropped on Hulu due to COVID-19 and became a hit for the streaming platform.

3/10 Prey (2022)

Naru with flintlock pistol in Prey pic

O predator The franchise is one of many that started with an iconic first entry and struggled to match that in later sequels. After the 2010s saw two attempts to revive the series as disappointments, a prequel landed on Hulu.

Set in the 1700’s, prey sees the alien arrive on Earth and have to deal with a skilled Comanche warrior. Amber Midhunter’s performance was widely praised, as was the action and choice to place it so far into the past. The movie set ratings records on Hulu and this is clear from how popular it is on Letterboxd.

2/10 fresh (2022)

Sebastian Stan and Daisy Edgar Jones on Fresh

While it doesn’t have as many total viewers on Hulu as preyThat is Fresh which ranks as the most popular Hulu movie of 2022 among Letterboxd users. This was endearing once the trailer debuted because it felt like a romantic comedy only for things to get sinister, but it never really delivered on the plot.

Audiences tuned in to see Daisy Edgar-Jones take on a rare villainous turn from Sebastian Stan. Part of the entertainment is knowing nothing about the plot and marveling at how wild things get.

1/10 Palm Springs (2020)

Nyles and Sarah dancing at a roadside bar in Palm Springs (2020)

Hulu made history when the platform paid an estimated $22 million at the Sundance Film Festival for the streaming rights. palm springs🇧🇷 The film is one more in a long line of time-loop stories, but it takes a comedic approach to help it stand out.

Cristin Milioti and Andy Samberg had electric chemistry as two characters trapped in a time loop at a wedding. There’s romance, hilarity, and sci-fi for everyone. palm springs is a hit on Letterboxd and with critics, as it earned two Golden Globe nominations and a Critics’ Choice Award win.

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