Inside FIFA’s cheapest accommodation

Fifa World Cup 2022: Fifa's cheapest accommodation has been dubbed the

FIFA World Cup 2022: FIFA’s cheapest accommodation has been dubbed the “Cohab of Qatar”. Photo: Marina Marini

A shared kitchen for every four apartments, cleaning service only every three days and just over 30 km from the center of Doha. This is the cheapest accommodation found on the official World Cup 2022 website.

For the event, Qatar offered accommodation ranging from luxury cruises and five-star hotels to desert camps. The cheapest option, the Barahat Al Janoub, costs US$102.28 (about R$537) per night.

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Located in the city of Al Wakrah, 34 km from the center of the capital of the country hosting the World Cup, the accommodation has buildings as far as the eye can see and organized by the letters of the Greek alphabet. Each building has three floors, with four apartments on each floor. There are no elevators.

Inside, the rooms have beds, wardrobes, bathroom with shower, hairdryer, air conditioning and Wi-Fi. Unlike hotels, which usually offer toiletries in small bottles, Barahat Al Janoub offers hand soap and shampoo in large bottles — like the ones we usually find in public restrooms.

Double room in FIFA's cheapest accommodation for the 2022 World Cup. Photo: Marina Marini

Double room in FIFA’s cheapest accommodation for the 2022 World Cup. Photo: Marina Marini

The kitchen — where the fridge, microwave, kettle, sink, ironing board and iron are located — is located outside the rooms and is shared between the rooms on each floor. Mineral water and items for making coffee and tea are also offered.

The accommodation's kitchen is outside the apartments and é  shared.  Photo: Marina Marini

The accommodation’s kitchen is located outside the apartments and is shared. Photo: Marina Marini

“Cohab from Qatar”

Due to the number of identical buildings, the accommodation was nicknamed by Brazilians as “Qatar’s Cohab”. And, just like in a condominium of buildings, there could be no lack of a leisure area. The space has a court for beach volleyball, basketball and soccer — in addition to a large screen, which brings together the most different fans on game days.

As it is far from the city center, there are also numerous markets, as well as restaurants, beauty salons and laundry facilities scattered among the blocks of buildings. There, you can even find the multinational coffee shop Starbucks.

Another curious fact is the variety of items that can be bought in the markets. The establishments are filled with items that go beyond the basics, such as perfumes, cleaning products, frozen products and even appliances. Different from the amount charged at the World Cup stadiums — 10 Qatari rials (R$ 14.00) —, a glass of water at the Barahat Al Janoub markets costs 1 Qatari rial (R$ 1.44).

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The journey from the accommodation to the center of Doha takes, on average, 1h40min by public transport and 40 minutes by car. If done in an app car, the journey costs around 40 Qatari Rials (R$ 57.00).

The free option can be done by bus and metro. Several buses depart every day from the accommodation towards the nearest metro station in the city (Al Wakra) and also to the airport. From the subway, it is possible to move to the center, stadiums and other tourist attractions in the region.

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