iOS 16.2 Won’t Hide Older Notifications

Apple has made major adjustments to the way the Notification Center of iOS 16.2 manages older alerts in the fourth beta version of the system. Soon, users will no longer need to drag the screen up to reveal hidden notifications.

Originally identified by MacRumorsthe change makes the resource much more similar to the old Notification Center of iOS 15, which showed all alerts received by the user regardless of the elapsed time. With the arrival of iOS 16, notifications became hidden if the user did not interact with them immediately after unlocking the iPhone.

iOS 16 Notification Center

With notifications out of the way, the user would have more space to contemplate the new iOS 16 Lock Screen. However, this new format has been criticized by users who reported having forgotten important alerts after they were hidden by the system.

The adjustments brought by the fourth beta of iOS 16.2, it is worth noting, only apply to the Notification Center accessed when the iPhone is already unlocked. The locked screen continues to hide old notifications as usual.

Apple is expected to release iOS 16.2 to the general public later this month.

What’s new in the Search app

At the macOS Ventura 13.1which is also in its fourth test version, the application Search (Find My🇧🇷 can be used to play sounds in AirTags or other compatible accessories. The novelty was identified by the staff of the 9to5Mac🇧🇷

Sound alert from Find My on macOS 13.1

Until then, this option was only available on Mac for devices like iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches. Anyone who wanted to find a tracker or other accessory with the help of an audible alert had to do so from their smartphone or tablet.

The option, which was already present in iOS/iPadOS for some time, can be found by clicking on the lost device/accessory in the “Items” tab. Once this is done, just select the “Play Sound” option.

Cool, isn’t it? 🇧🇷

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