Is it possible to get smarter by playing video games? Look here!

It is nothing new that the use of videogames by children has come into debate. Many believe that this is not a good option to spend this period of childhood, while others remain with the idea that there is nothing to worry about when the device is used in the right measure.

But this time, the subject was not raised by parents or guardians, but by the Karolinska Institute, in Sweden, in partnership with the University of Amsterdam, in the Netherlands.

In the view of the institutions, children who spend, on average, one hour playing video games can receive approximately 2.5 IQ points. The study related to the discovery was released by the journal Scientific Reports.

The study carried out by the universities took into account the responses of more than 5,000 children, who were aged between 9 and 12 years.

They were asked questions about how much time they spent playing video games per day, but that wasn’t the only issue being considered by the experts.

The researchers pondered a range of other topics, such as the effects of television and online videos. But, surprisingly, there was no improvement in the children’s IQ, the value just stagnated.


While it seems like the best idea for the world to use games to raise the IQ level of children within this age group, other professionals were made to worry about the discovery, and one of them was a neuroscientist named Dr. Fabiano de Abreu Angrela, PhD neuroscientist.

See what the PhD commented on the discovery:

“Studies like this need to be better explained, as it can overemphasize some things, which can lead to an increase in users. First, it has to be considered that this increase in IQ is not so significant since there is the genetic precursor as a determinant and not everyone has an equal increase”warned.

After stating these points, he added that, if the children decided to play video games, they would need to access content that matched the child’s age.

“We have games that encourage violence, we have games that even encourage serial killers, there is also the dopamine cycle for addiction and increased anxiety”said the neurocentrist.

“On balance, I myself indicate games for children, including support that we can introduce tablets to children with some limits, remove notifications, YouTube, social networks and leave games that promote neuroplasticity for logic mainly”completed.

The neuroscientist also claimed that the IQ test cannot state how intelligence levels are found around the world.

“I have already witnessed high IQ people practicing cyberbilling and stalking through fake accounts, which is not a smart attitude, and involving training that can promote future disorders, causes a decline in intelligence”, stressed.

In short, the doctor defended that he was not criticizing the discovery made by the professionals, but just warning that they should be aware of the power of influence that such information can generate in the lives of thousands of people, with the risk of, perhaps, a large number of people becoming addicted to video games.

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