“It is the truth”; João Félix reveals difference in performance at Atlético de Madrid and in the Portuguese national team

Qatar 2022

The striker has been a substitute in the Spanish league and a highlight for Portugal in the World Cup

Michael Steele/Getty Images.  João Félix admits to feeling more comfortable in the Portuguese national team
Michael Steele/Getty Images. João Félix admits to feeling more comfortable in the Portuguese national team

João Félix was one of the standout names in the 6-1 defeat of Portugal against Switzerland, in the round of 16 of the World Cup. His participation in the World Cup has sounded like redemption this year, given the bad phase he is going through at Atlético de Madrid, where the Portuguese was substitute in 11 of the 19 games in the current season. Already in the Portuguese national team, Félix is ​​an absolute starter and adds a goal and two assists.

In an interview in the mixed zone after the elastic victory in the first Portuguese match in the qualifiers, on Tuesday (6), the athlete admitted that he feels more comfortable in the national team than in the Club. 🇧🇷Yes, the truth is that yes, the way to play is completely different and the joy is another“, said the striker.

João Félix was signed by Atlético de Madrid for €127.2 million in 2019 and signed a bond until 2026. However, speculation is that the striker will leave the team soon. However, when questioned about it, the player avoided the conversation and stated that this matter will only be discussed after the World Cup.

The striker teamed up well with Gonçalo Ramos, to whom he contributed two assists from the three goals scored by his partner. Félix said he was happy with the performance of the 21-year-old athlete, despite preferring to remain ‘out’ of the dispute for the vacancy between the young man and Cristiano Ronaldo. 🇧🇷It’s up to the mister to decide, but we got along well with him, we like to play. It has features that help my game and things went really well“, he analyzed. Who will go to the knockout stage? And who will lift the cup? Give your guesses with this Qatar 202 World Cup simulator.

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