“It’s no use getting mad…”; Neto provokes Tite and pins Gabriel Jesus in comparison with Palmeiras’ starter

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Coach once again did not agree with Tite’s decision under the technical command of the Brazilian National Team

Photo: César Greco/ Palmeiras
Photo: César Greco/ Palmeiras

The Cria Palmeirense, Gabriel Jesus, injured his knee and had to be cut from the final stretch of the World Cup and will no longer play for Brazil in this World Cup. The striker even underwent surgery last Tuesday afternoon (6) and will now be sidelined for three months. There are those who say that the darling of the Alviverde crowd had already claimed pain in the region even before Tite was called up, who defended himself at a press conference and stated that he had not received any clinical data about his player’s injury.

“At no time here in the national team did we pay the price of victory for the health of the athlete. This liar, the haters, right? Which are spreading. Go take care of something else, stop planting lies. Arsenal have a medical department, we have a medical department, professional ethics, and it was never going to happen like this.”scored.

Who no longer believes in the words of the coach is the former player Neto. On his YouTube channel, the communicator again detonated the attitude of the coach of the Brazilian National Team in preferring to take a player who was already injured than to take another Palmeiras star, the number 7 of Verdão Dudu🇧🇷 The presenter of TV Bandeirantes also said that he would like to see the clinical data of the center forward and asked why no broadcaster is looking to know this information.

“Gabriel Jesus has already operated on his knee. I didn’t see his bruise. Does anyone have his injury? Globo, CBF TV, Bandeirantes, Record, Fifa… can someone show me how Gabriel Jesus hurt his knee? It’s no use getting angry, Tite. On top of me that doesn’t stick! Ethics in football does not exist, never existed. I just wanted to see the torsion, I want to see the report. Failing to take Gabigol and Dudu to the World Cup… now, if you are champions, all of this will go unnoticed.”, said Neto on his YouTube channel.

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