Jessica Alba joins Yahoo’s board

Jessica Alba

In addition to being an excellent actress, Jessica Alba has also conquered the planet with her consumer welfare company, Honest Company. Bearing fruit of her work, she was nominated to sit on Yahoo’s board of directors in an unprecedented move that aims to bring together people involved in technology, media, finance, entertainment, sports and private equity.

The idea is simple: count on the support of these professionals to help the company in this era of growth and transformation. Along with the professional are also Katie Stanton, who worked on several operations at Twitter and Google; Cynthia Marshall, CEO of the Dallas Maverick basketball team; Fouad ElNaggar, CEO of Array and Sapho, as well as several other big names in the industry.

Jessica Alba’s career outside of theaters

Although we don’t see Jessica Alba that often, the actress hasn’t given up on her career or acting. She is currently the star of the show Spectrum LA Finest and is also focusing on her entrepreneurial path, where she has now conquered Yahoo. That is, the world is the limit for her.

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