Kaká provokes Casagrande on social media and Vampeta reports dissatisfaction with commentator

vampetworld champion with Brazilian Team in 2002, revealed in a program on Young pan that the winning group of that world Cup was dissatisfied with the recent statements of the former player and commentator Walter Casagrandewho criticized current players and said they are “distant” from the people. Kakaone of them, provoked the former striker of the Corinthianswho, on video, commented that former Argentine athletes watch games with fans, with whom they are close, while Brazilians “do not mix” and appear alongside leaders of the fifa🇧🇷

According to Vampeta, the statement angered some of the cast members of the fifth championship, who manifested themselves in a WhatsApp group. Despite the anger of teammates, he stressed that he likes Casagrande, but disagreed with the statements and explained that the presence of stars in boxes and federation events is also due to work commitments. In Instagram stories, Kaká posted a montage where he “borrowed” his place next to Gianni Infantinopresident of the football federation, Casagrande.

Kaká teases Casagrande in Instagram stories, "giving up your place" to the former striker alongside FIFA president Gianni Infantino.
Kaká provokes Casagrande in Instagram stories, “giving his place” to the former striker alongside FIFA president Gianni Infantino. Photograph: Playback/Instagram

“It’s causing the biggest controversy here, there’s a group of 2002 from the selection, and the guys are p… with Casagrande”, revealed Vampeta. “Kaká, who is from the church, said: ‘he worked so long in the Globe, why when he covered the World Cup didn’t he leave the studios and go to the crowd? This is the simplest… If I show the rest, it’s going to be a mess. As much as not, but I like Casagrande”.

Throughout the program, he quoted some of the comments made by fellow cast members: “Let’s laugh at this guy, he’s a sucker. has the Frames goalkeeper, a crowd. Luizão🇧🇷 Pike🇧🇷 gilbert silva… if I’m going to talk about each one here …”, he continued, reiterating that he did not agree with his colleague’s opinion and citing foreign players who also approached the authorities. “They are there for work, they are hired by FIFA. I saw Pirlo🇧🇷 Seedorf🇧🇷 George Weah🇧🇷 The way of being of each one, of each country does not mean that you are more idol or less idol. In that case, Casão was bad”.

Casagrande has not yet commented on the comments made by the members of the 2002 cast. In the video in which he criticizes the athletes, he compares them with idols from Argentina🇧🇷 “Brazilians don’t mix, while Argentines never stopped being fans”, he said. “The great idols are in the stands next to the fans. Has Batistuta🇧🇷 Curly🇧🇷 Zanetti🇧🇷 change🇧🇷 sorin… all of them in the middle of the Argentina crowd, singing the songs”, he said.

“Meanwhile, our ex-players, ex-idols, are sitting on FIFA’s board of directors. cafuKaka, Roberto Carlos it’s the ronaldo, in suits, as if they were leaders. There is a lack of identification of Brazilian idols ”, he added. Of the players mentioned by Casagrande, only Ronaldo is not in the Whatsapp group mentioned by Vampeta. The phenomenon has not publicly commented on the position of the former striker.

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