Like Spain, see which teams have already disappointed at the 2022 World Cup

Spain crashed in the Round of 16 of the 2022 World Cup, but that wasn’t the tournament’s only disappointment so far; see which giants have fallen

THE World Cup 2022 It’s not even over yet and it’s already had a lot of disappointments. THE Spain, for example, was the main one between the round of 16 clashes. The team was unable to overcome Morocco and was tragically eliminated on penalties. But it wasn’t just the Luis Enrique that left fans frustrated during the World Cup in Qatar.

With the performance below expectations, the teams that most disappointed, so far, in the 2022 World Cup were the European ones. Three countries that were considered great rivals, especially by Brazilians, did not do as expected and left football lovers surprised, but in a negative way. In addition, some teams from America also left something to be desired.

Therefore, the sportbuzz separated some important eliminations in this 2022 World Cup for you to remember which rival Brazil has already left the competition. It is worth mentioning that many opponents who are out of the quarterfinals were considered rivals who could eliminate Tite’s selection during the elimination period of the World Cup in Qatar.


Germany was the main rival of Brazil that disappointed in the 2022 World Cup. With a young and star-studded cast, the German team fell in the group stage for the second consecutive time. She failed to pass through Japan, Costa Rica and Spain and left the competition in a nostalgic way and with an unpleasant atmosphere among the players.

Müller saying goodbye to the German crowd (Credit: Getty Images)
Müller saying goodbye to the German crowd (Credit: Getty Images)


The ‘mighty’ Belgian generation was another European team that disappointed at the World Cup. Unable to advance to the knockout stage of the World Cup, the Belgian team fell to a group that had Canada, Morocco and Croatia. With a show of goals missed by Lukaku, the ‘red devils’ ended up catching fire and falling early. This was another team that left Qatar with a heavy atmosphere among the athletes.

Lukaku left very sad after Belgium’s elimination from the World Cup (Credit: GettyImages)


Named by many as one of the candidates to assume the post of ‘surprise’ World Cup 2022, Denmark was another European team that fell in the group stage. The Danes had France, Tunisia and Australia ahead of them and failed to beat any of their rivals, in addition to adding just one point. The team said goodbye to the world without winning and is one of the great disappointments.


The most recent disappointment of the 2022 World Cup is Spain. Named by Luis Enrique as the best football of the tournament, the Spanish team was embarrassed against Morocco and fell in the round of 16. Before that, in the group stage, they lost to Japan and were in danger of falling to Costa Rica. The participation of the Spaniards was not the best and ended up being a big disappointment.

Young Spanish generation failed to go far at World Cup in Qatar (Getty Images)


Accustomed to advancing to the knockout stages of the World Cup, the Uruguayan team was another one that failed to achieve what it wanted. In a group alongside South Korea, Ghana and Portugal, the team did not even reach second place after drawing with the Koreans in the debut and losing to the Portuguese in the second round. The victory against the Ghanaians ended up not being enough and the Celeste team entered the list of disappointments in the Qatar World Cup.

Uruguay crashed in the group stage of the World Cup
Uruguay crashed out of the World Cup group stage (Credit: GettyImages)

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