Love, in fact, the star never re-watches the movie despite its cult classic status.

love in truth star Emma Thompson reveals why she never rewatches the cult classic holiday movie. Released in 2003, Richard Curtis’ love in truth tells nine stories, all interconnected as each follows a different relationship before Christmas. The film features an outstanding cast that features a number of familiar faces, including Hugh Grant, Keira Knightley, Colin Firth, Liam Neeson, Alan Rickman, Andrew Lincoln and Martin Freeman. Having enjoyed considerable success at the box office, love in truth has continued to establish a cult classic status in the years since its theatrical release.

Despite this, one of the love in truthThe stars of Don’t Like to Revisit the Beloved Festive Favourite. During a recent appearance on the The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Thompson confessed to never having watched it again. love in truth, offering some reasons for this. The star joked that, when revisiting the film, she remembers being underpaid for the project and a smelly bathroom used by the cast during production. Check out Thompson’s quote below.

No! It was 20 years ago. You just think… I guess I wasn’t paid very well for it and there was that awful trailer with the bathroom that really stunk. These are the things you remember.

Will love really get a proper sequel?

As Thompson recalls, love in truth was released nearly 20 years ago, and as audiences return to the film each festive season, there are continual requests for a sequel. 2017 brought together fans with many of the love in truthThe stars of a special charity short film that checked out various characters and served as a mini-sequel of sorts to the original film. Although this short film, entitled Red Nose Daycertainly appeased those who were waiting for a love in truth sequel, many still hope that an official true love 2 someday it will make it to the big screen.

Ahead of the release of the charity special, the film’s director, Curtis, revealed that he had previously toyed with the idea of ​​a sequel, but that he feels it would take a much sadder approach to the idea of ​​love this time around, something he believes won’t. it would be so good. The audience was, however, brought back to the world of love in truth again recently with a behind-the-scenes 20th anniversary special hosted by Diane Sawyer, which featured several original cast members from the film. With love in truthcharity special to have revisited the story a bit recently, it’s likely that a true love 2 it’s not in the cards for the immediate future, although you can never say never.

While it’s fairly common that actors don’t necessarily enjoy revisiting their projects, Thompson’s insight into why she doesn’t rewatch love in truth is particularly humorous. These types of associations are likely to be present for most actors when embarking on a project. So it’s certainly interesting to hear Thompson reminisce about some of the less glamorous parts of making the heartwarming Christmas classic. Though Thompson will not hold an annual position love in truth rewatch during the holiday season, audiences will likely continue to enjoy the film for many, many Christmases to come.

Source: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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