Man earns R$ 16,500 after being fired for ‘not socializing’

Some cases of dismissal registered around the world draw attention due to several peculiarities. One of them is that of the Frenchman identified only as Mr. T. He won a lawsuit against the company he worked for until 2015, the year he was fired for a somewhat unusual reason.

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According to the worker’s information, the reason for the dismissal was because he was not “fun”. This occurred after the man decided not to participate in the company’s happy hour (fraternization) and other socializing activities with his co-workers.

Dismissal for not socializing; understand the case that scared a lot of people

According to the French website Les Nouvelles, the resignation was given without just cause. Faced with this bizarre reason, the former employee sought the French courts and filed a lawsuit against Cubik Partners. The company is a management consultancy and lost the lawsuit years later, more specifically in 2022.

According to the victim’s account, the company demonstrated that her “fun” culture involved “humiliating and intrusive practices”. In the examples cited, these practices involved simulating sexual acts, sharing a bed with another employee during working hours and using rude nicknames.

The company itself argued that it used a more “fun” approach to carry out integration activities among the team. The aim would be to encourage employees to gather in pubs after working hours.

Suit was won for “freedom of expression”

The Court understood that the employee should have his right to “freedom of expression” respected in not wanting to participate in the proposed activities. Therefore, the reason for the dismissal should not have been justified under the pretext offered.

In the case file, the company also criticized the former employee’s harsh and demotivating tone. He was a senior consultant in 2011 and was promoted to director in 2014, being fired in 2015 for “professional incompetence”.

A fine of 3 thousand euros was imposed, something around R$ 16.5 thousand.

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