Maximum Screen Film 12/3/2022: Cornered

THE “Maximum Screen” this Saturday (12/03) presents the film “cornered” (2002) on Record TV. Check out the movie details.

Synopsis: Joe (Kevin Bacon) and Chery Hickey (Courtney Love) think they’ve discovered the perfect plan for easy money. They kidnap a child, the daughter of millionaires, and demand that the ransom be paid within 24 hours, otherwise she dies. As the police require that the disappearance occur at least 24 hours before it can be registered, both believe they are immune from police action during this period.

They decide to pull the plug on the Jennings, kidnapping their young daughter Abby (Dakota Fanning). While Chery negotiates the ransom with her father (Stuart Townsend), Joe’s job is to psychologically pressure her mother (Charlize Theron) so that the ransom is paid soon. The Jennings’ despair is even greater when they learn that Abby is asthmatic and that if she doesn’t take her medicine, she could die.

Original title: Trapped

Cast: Charlize Theron, Kevin Bacon, Courtney Love

Origin: USA

Direction: Luis Mandoki

Genre: Thriller

Duration: 1h46

Check out the trailer for “Corralada”

“Tela Máxima” airs right after “Reis”, starting at 10:30 pm (Brasília time), on Record TV.

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