Minerals never seen before on Earth are found in meteorite

It was recently disclosed that the University of Alberta, located in Canada, carried out analysis on a small sample of meteorite, which belongs to El Ali. After the results came out, it was found that the composition of the object had at least two minerals that do not exist on Earth.

The piece of rock, originally found in Somalia, has a total weight of 15 tons. It is not the largest ever seen on Earth, but the ninth heaviest meteorite.

In 2020, he was recognized, but he already had the history of belonging to the place for a long number of generations.

The meteorite ended up being called El Ali in honor of the place where it was found, which was close to the city.

For the studies on the solid piece, 70 g of each were used. Scholars called the new elements that were in the compound “elallite” and “elkinstantonite🇧🇷

Although they found two more compounds that are not produced in terrestrial soil, there is a third that is in the process of being analyzed.

The discovery of minerals

Chris Herd, professor in the department of Atmospheric and Earth Sciences at the university, spoke about the discovery of the minerals:

“Whenever you find a new mineral, it means that the actual geological conditions, the chemistry of the rock, were different from how they were before.”

Herd reported a little about how his process of discovering such minerals took place. According to him, as soon as he realized that something wasn’t right, he started to get intrigued.

It was at this point that he called Andrew Locock, who is now the director of a laboratory at the university, to be able to find more answers.

“The first day he did some analysis, he said ‘you have at least two new minerals here,’” Herd recalled.

Finding any compound that is not yet known requires great effort and years of work. In addition, over the years, many scholars had already summarized in the laboratory, however, there was never the possibility of being found in the middle of nature.

In Herd’s view, he believes that such discoveries should facilitate the process of understanding “nature’s laboratory” which, who knows, may have unknown functions.

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