Natalie Portman protests resurgence of Nazism

6 dec
– 3:53 pm

(updated at 3:59 pm)

Photo: Instagram/The Academy / Modern Popcorn

Actress Natalie Portman (“Thor: Love and Thunder”) made a post on her Instagram condemning the increase in anti-Semitic hate speech, which has been reflected in posts of Nazi content on social networks. Saying she was scared, she thanked the reaction of those who demonstrate against “all forms of racism”.

The demonstration took place shortly after Kanye West published a stylized swastika on his Twitter profile and after Donald Trump met with one of the leaders of the US white supremacy movement (neo-Nazis).

“Seeing the resurgence of anti-Semitism makes my heart drop,” Portman wrote. “This hatred must be fought with boundless love for one another. Today, I send extra love to all my Jewish brothers. And I send love to all those who stand with us against these violent words and actions.”

Recent reports point to an increase in anti-Semitism and other hate speech on Twitter – including assumed anti-Semitism by Kanye West, but also an unexpected neo-Nazism in Brazil, which recently culminated in an attack on schools – since the platform was acquired by Elon Musk. With the liberal promise of being an “absolutist” of free speech, Musk would be encouraging the uncontrolled growth of hatred.

The actress also said that “this has been painful and scary to watch” and that she is “extremely grateful to those who continue to speak out against anti-Semitism with us and against all forms of racism”.

Natalie Portman wasn’t the only actress to speak out. Last week, Amy Schumer (“Sexy by Accidental”) also took to Instagram to talk about the resurgence of Nazi discourse among politicians.

“I was bullied for being Jewish in the town I grew up in and felt ashamed of my Jewishness,” wrote Schumer, recalling her youth. “I am now proud to be descended from Auschwitz survivors. There are less than 17 million Jews worldwide. We do not recruit. We do not try to change laws to impose our beliefs on other people’s bodies. Embrace a Jew today. Anti-Semitism is harmful to black people. Let’s look at who we’re empowering.”

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