Nubank SURPRISES customers who need a limit at the end of the year

The popular digital bank Nubank recently launched a new function that promises to help people who want to get a Brazilian fintech credit card but have not yet been successful. This feature may also surprise customers who need more cap at the end of the year.

With the new function to build a limit, Nubank customers will be able to increase their chances of conquering what they want in the future. Here, we will show you how this is possible.

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How is it possible to take advantage of Nubank’s new function?

Before releasing more limits to any customer, financial institutions usually carry out a credit analysis around the person who made the request. In this analysis, the bank evaluates the customer’s financial history, whether it is good or bad. If it’s bad, the request is usually denied.

And it is in this sense that the function to build a limit comes in. In this novelty announced by Nubank, the customer will be able to use the resource to add up to R$ 5 thousand of balance to be able to use the credit card.

It works as follows: if the customer wants to make a purchase of BRL 200, he must deposit this amount in the digital bank account and then leave the amount reserved to be used as credit on the card. This amount is usually separated from the rest of the money until the card bill is paid.

When the due date arrives, the customer can choose to pay the debt with another amount and thus continue to build the limit he wants. Or it is even possible to use the money that was set aside to pay the outstanding debt.

When paying the account with another balance, it is also possible for the customer to redeem the reserved amount back to the digital account at any time. It is important to highlight that it is essential that the customer pays the invoice before or on the date so that interest, fines and IOF are not charged. In addition, payment on or before the date causes the person’s name to remain clear.

This is because this option to build a limit is only indicated for people who want to show the digital bank that they are good payers. If it is not possible to sign this commitment with Nubank, the best option is to look for other alternatives.

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How can I add a credit card limit?

As with all Nubank requests, the customer needs to follow a step by step to add a credit card limit, the famous “roxinho”. The first step is to access the digital bank application, which is available on devices with Android and iOS systems.

Next, click on the card menu and then look for the “adjust limit” option. By clicking on this option, other options will appear. The customer must tap on “book as a limit”. Finally, the value desired by the customer must be informed. The procedure will be completed when the requester confirms by informing the password.

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