Olivia Wilde and Shia LaBeouf already fell out over another project, says website

With the recent controversies of the film ‘Don’t Worry, Darling’, another issue between Olivia Wilde and Shia LaBeouf came to light. Understand

Director’s names Olivia Wilde and the actor Shia LaBeouf are on opposite sides of the same controversy, after both presented different versions to explain what happened behind the scenes of the film Do not worry, dear🇧🇷 The problem is that, according to The Hollywood Reporterthis was not the only partnership of the artists that went wrong.

In October last year, the singer and actress Rainey Qualley revealed in his profile on Instagramwho was working on the video for her single ‘Love Me Like You Hate Me🇧🇷 In the post, he thanked the team behind the recordings and dedicated “special thanks” to the director and actress. Olivia Wildewho would have directed the production.

It seems, wilde just agreed to lead the project as a favor to Rainey and your sister, Margaret Qualleywho starred in the video alongside Shia LaBeouf🇧🇷 It would have been during the editing of the video, however, that everything got out of hand.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter🇧🇷 Olivia Wilde and Shia LaBeouf they fell out once again, because, while the director finished editing the clip, the actor decided to deliver his own version of the project, suggesting that it be used as the final one.

In a sequence of emails, then, the director stated that she “would be happy” to watch the version of LaBeouf, stating that he would send his montage soon after. For the actor, however, wilde he should have just said thank you for the video, allowing his project to be chosen. With the disagreement, Olivia decided to abandon production.

At the time, the controversy behind the clip took on great proportions, considering that Shia LaBeouf no longer part of the film Olivia Wilde🇧🇷 Likewise, then, the design of Rainey Qualley returned to the headlines with the new clash between the director and the actor.

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understand the case

Last week, the Variety published a digital cover with Olivia Wildein which the director talks about the backstage of her new feature, Do not worry, dear🇧🇷 In the report, she explains that she had to resign Shia LaBeouf of the production because I wanted to make sure that the protagonist, Florence Pughwould feel comfortable while recording.

I say this as an admirer of your work. [de LaBeouf]🇧🇷 your process was not consistent with the ethos I demand in my productions. With a film like this, I knew I would be asking florence [Pugh] to be in very vulnerable situations, and my priority was to make her feel safe and make her feel supported.”

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The day after the publication of the cover, the actor contacted the Variety and denied the director’s version, stating that she left the production on her own. Second LaBeoufwho sent videos and emails from wilde to the vehicle, in order to prove his version, he left the film because he could not rehearse with the other actors before the recordings.

You and I both know the reasons for my departure. I walked out of your movie because your actors and I couldn’t find time to rehearse.” LaBeoufin an email sent to the director.

a video of Olivia Wilde, then, went viral on social networks and generated several discussions. In the images, the director insists that LaBeouf give the production a second chance, while talking about Florence Pugh with some irony. For netizens, Olivia was contradictory when criticizing the actress of the film which, according to the director herself, deals with female empowerment.

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