On TikTok, Kaya Scodelario has fun comparing “Euphoria” and “Skins”

Lol but who are we to judge, right? Actress Kaya Scodelario joined in the fun and published a TikTok this Tuesday (26) in which she mocks the fact that the series “Euphoria” would be “crazy”, when taking into account the age of its characters. But, in the next instant, the video shows her reaction when she remembers a project that she herself was involved in: “Skins”.

“Seeing ‘Euphoria’ for the first time and thinking this is all 17-year-old madness, but then remembering what I was doing on TV at 14,” he joked.

In the caption, the actress also said she was grateful for the opportunities, even though her generation was not “exactly safeguarded” from bad influences.


Will always be great. But yeah safeguarding really wasn’t a thing back then…

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In the narrative of “Skins”, which also focuses on young teenagers, we follow the troubled routine of students in their last two years of high school, between friendships and romances. The series, which caused huge controversy at the time, won a Bafta Award and ended up nominated for Best Drama Series.

The project was on the air for seven seasons, ending in 2013. Today, you can watch the episodes on Netflix.

In response to a follower, she said that acting brought some questions to her own mental health.

“Yea [me afetou]🇧🇷 It was a beautiful time, but also the deeply rooted cause of many of my problems now. But, it gave me the opportunity to do the work I love.”


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