“One of the worst I’ve ever seen”; Palmeiras ‘throws R$ 60 million in the trash’ after contract signed by Alexandre Mattos

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Leaving the fans “with their hair on end”, the former leader was unsuccessful in this attack made in Verdão

Photo: Ale Cabral/AGIF - Mattos approached the manager to bring Lucas Lima to Palmeiras.
Photo: Ale Cabral/AGIF – Mattos approached the manager to bring Lucas Lima to Palmeiras.

O palm trees currently it has been an example for other clubs when it comes to planning, even more so in terms of finances, without delaying salaries and putting together a quality squad that can play on an equal footing with anyone, such as Chelsea. It is clear that this evolution began in the days of Paulo Nobre, who is always remembered by the fans.

Currently, with Leila Pereira, even if the representative is constantly criticized by some, continuity has been put into practice, so much so that Verdão continues to collect titles and is always considered a favorite when entering competitions. However, in the past, some choices made left much to be desired.

When Maurício Galiotte was still president, with Alexandre Mattos as manager, Alviverde signed a contract that promised to bear fruit, but ended up causing a lot of headaches🇧🇷 In November 2017, the Paulistas, after long negotiations with Santos, announced the arrival of Lucas Limawho signed a 5-year contract.

However, the midfielder never managed to make the investment made on the pitch worth it, even more so when his salary was remembered: Lucas received about R$ 600,000 a month in his first year at Palestra Itália, an amount that increased by R$ 50 thousand each year until reaching R$ 800 thousand for 2022. However, monthly expenses broke the barrier of R$ 1 million at the beginning of this season due to temporality clauses and progressive annual bonuses.

In all, during his time at the Club, he cost Palmeiras more than R$ 60 million. It is important to note that, although she played for Fortaleza in the current season, Leila Pereira paid 70% of her salary, that is, practically R$ 700 thousand, already including everything that was agreed upon. On social networks, when remembering the values, the fans “went crazy”: “One of the worst players I’ve ever seen. He hides behind his contract, playing is good…”wrote a palmeirense.

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