Parents refuse to operate baby and go to court

In New Zealand, a couple was taken to court after refusing to submit their son, a 4-month-old baby, to emergency surgery. Even though it was a case of life and death, the child’s parents prevented the procedure from being carried out for fear that the blood used in the transfusion during the operation would be from people immunized with RNA vaccines against Covid-19, such as Pfizer and from Moderna.

According to the mother, the baby has a heart condition known as pulmonary valve stenosis, and the family considers itself anti-vaccines. For now, the surgery is postponed, but the operation is essential for the child’s survival.

Doctors handling the case overruled the parents’ decision and filed an emergency claim with the Auckland City High Court. They want partial custody of the baby. In this way, the couple would remain responsible for the care of the child, but would not have the last word in decisions related to her health.

Experts contest that there is no risk in transfusion using blood from vaccinated people. Even so, about 150 protesters gathered this Tuesday (6/12) in front of the court, demonstrating support for the parents’ decision.

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